Monday, May 24, 2010

A Little of Everything

I promise I have nursery ideas coming and recent pictures of my belly,  but they are all on our new camera and I have no clue how to get the pictures off of it. Anways...I wanted to share my 15 week belly picture with y'all! I am now 18 weeks and have current pictures, but I only have this one on my little camera.

Please ignore the flash. I took this picture in my hotel room while I was in El Paso for work. You can still see my belly poking out! I feel like it is starting to poke out more and more each week! I love it! Christian took me shopping last week for maternity clothes and he was such a huge help! Christian is really good at shopping and helps me out. I stood in the dressing room and he brought me clothes! I got mostly capris and shorts, but I wanted to share my favorite shirt.
I think this is just too cute and will look cute to wear this summer! I'm also looking for a cute maternity bathing suit, do you guys have any suggestions?
Christian's Dad and his family sent me my first Mother's Day gift at the beginning of this month. I know it is a little late, but I'm also using this blog for my memories and I want to remember my first Mother's Day gift!
It was an edible arrangements basket and had so much fruit we could hardly eat it all! I was excited to come home to a package! I also received a lot Mother's Day cards and they were all so sweet!
This past Saturday I hosted my friend Sarah's bridal shower. She is getting married July 3rd on the beach in Wilmington, NC. I only took one picture during the shower.
I thought the shower went very well and I was exhausted by the time it was over! I never realized how much energy pregnancy can take out of you!
One week from tomorrow we find out if we are having a sweet baby boy or sweet baby girl!!! I am so excited,  I can hardly stand it to wait! I've been wanting to call to see if I could get in at the end of the week sometime!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Baby Names

First of all I know I have been a horrible blogger. I promise to get better at it but sometimes there isn't enough time in the day. I posted on Twitter earlier that I was going to share belly pics, nursery ideas, and baby names. Well it is only going to be baby names tonight. We got a new camera and it has the pictures on it and I have no clue how to get them on the computer. I have to wait for Christian to do tomorrow hopefully!
We find out in less than 2 weeks if we are having a BOY or GIRL!!!! We are so excited and can't wait to find out! We've been discussing names a lot lately but we have not decided on a name for sure.

Boy Names:
Christian Mason (we will call him Mason)
Conner Steven (middle name is from Christian's dad)
Carson Ray (middle name is from my dad)

Girl Names:
Emma Kate
Macey Marie (middle name is my middle name)
Gracie Lynn (middle name is my sisters name)
Lainey Marie

We are having such a hard time deciding, but I'm sure when we find out it will much easier.
Christian and I want to know your favorites and might help us! Please share in the comments!