Monday, March 11, 2013

Macey Lately...

Macey is such a mess lately! She is so much fun and is full of life! She still has her moments where the terrible two's come out, but even then she is still funny!
If you are friend's with me on Facebook you might have already saw this video, but it is just too cute not share. Also, spekaing of Facebook...if you are a regular reader and I know who you are find me on Facebook. I post a alot more on there than I do on the blog! I have no clue where she learned to dance like this, but I was laughing so hard!
I swear she is 2 going on 16...this how I found her watching TV the other morning!
This night she refused to put her PJ's on and was having a blast running around in her big girl panties! I left the room for a second and I came back to her stealing my milkshake! How could you tell that sweet face no!?! 
I have a feeling her Daddy and I are going to be in trouble when she gets older!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Disney - More of Day 2

After breakfast we walked around the resort and over to Epcot!
Little Miss. Priss with her legs crossed! The funny thing is this isn't her stroller. This was some random stroller sitting outside a store, but of course I had to get a quick picture of her legs crossed! I don't have any pictures from Epcot. We went our first night after the Magic Kingdom. We rode finding Nemo with Macey and she was out of it for the rest of the night, so Christian and I walked around to all the different countries! 
After a quick visit to Epcot we headed over to Downtown Disney to the Bippity, Bobbity, Boutique to get a couple things for Macey! She loved this Cinderella out front of the store. 
Afterwards, we headed to Animal Kindgom around lunch time! We had a very busy morning!
Here we are on the safari ride! Macey loved all the animals! 
The giraffe's were so close and pretty! 
Macey dancing with a group of dancers while we took a snack break! 
We were in Dino-land or whatever it's called riding the dinosaurs! 
That evening we ended back up at the Magic Kingdom to let Macey ride a few more rides before heading home the next morning! We got a little profile/silhouette picture of Macey done and I LOVE it! She was so good and sat so still! I will have to share pictures later! 
I'm already missing Disney and ready to go back! I'm secretly planning out next trip in my head!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Disney - Day 2

Christian's Dad had made reservation's for us to take Macey to have breakfast with Minnie, Goofy, and Donald at the Beach & Yacht Club (I know where I'm staying next time). We just new she was going to love this because she is so into Mickey Mouse Clubhouse these days and loves all the characters!
One very excited littel girl!!!
Mommy and Macey! 
I love my little family! 
So yeah...that little girl that was just so excited!?! She wasn't a fan when the Minnie came to our actual table. 
But I still insisted on getting a family picture!
So I knew she was going to warm up to the idea of them coming to the table and love Goofy!!! Yeah well, not so much!! 
We couldn't even get her out of her seat for Donald! We have learned that she only likes them from a distance! We will try again next time :) 
I think, no, I KNOW Christian and I enjoyed the breakfast more than Macey! Also, the food was so good! We were stuffed when we left! If you go to Disney I definitely recommend doing a dining experience with the characters!
I will share the rest of day two tomorrow...I don't want to put a 1,000 pictures all in one post!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Disney - Day 1

We took a quick trip down to Orlando last weekend to visit Christian's Dad and to take Macey to Disney! We managed to squeeze in Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and a breakfast with characters. We were very busy while we were there, but fun memories were made!
 I thought I would break this up into days since it is major picture overload!
The first ride we did were the little race cars. Macey loved it and had so much being to drive her Daddy around!
Macey and Christian waving to me as they exit! 
Riding Dumbo for the first time! It wasn't open last time we were there. 
Waiting in line to ride the Aladdin Carpets!  
 In line for another ride!
On the junlge cruise. This was probably my least favorite. We did a fast pass for this and I'm glad because I would be mad if we spent an hour waiting to ride this one. 
Me and my girl! 
We take Macey to Disney and her favorite ride was the carousel...go figure! 
Waiting for the train to arrive! She talked about the train so much taht we had to let her ride it once around the whole park! 
Poor baby couldn't hang! She tried to go all day without a nap, but eventually gave up! 
We got her ice cream and Christian and I were going to split one too...well you see who ended up with both! We were on vacation and at Disney, how could I say no!?! 
Sweet girl!!! 
Some how my pictures are out of order, but here we are on the train!! She was saying "All Aboard" the whole time...too cute!!! 
Macey and her Daddy in front of the castle! 
Macey and I in front of the castle! 
Magic Kingdom was so much fun! I don't think I will ever get too old for Disney! It was pretty chilly and windy while we were there and Macey was sick, but we made the best out of it!
Tomorrow...Breakfast with Characters