Monday, June 21, 2010

Baby Names, Clothes, and Weekly Update

Last week I was 21 weeks but I never did a weekly post. I wanted to share a picture that we actually took last week and hopefully I will be on time this week posting 22 weeks.
How Far Along: 21 Weeks
Size of baby: 10.5 inches long and weighs 12 ounces. She is the length of a carrot!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Gained 10lbs
Maternity Clothes: I'm starting to need more maternity clothes. My normal shirts are getting short.
Gender: Girl!
Movement: Yes! She has started moving a lot and Christian felt her move week 21 for the first time!
What I miss: Just sleeping but she is totally worth it!
Sleep: I go to the bathroom 20 times a night.
Symptoms: I got sick one night, but it is better.
Best Moment this week: Feeling her move more and more and Christian getting to feel her.
What I am looking forward to: Everything to do with my pregnancy and baby girl!
I'll be 22 weeks on Wednesday and I'm going to try my hardest not to post it a week late!!!
We have finally decided on a name for our sweet girl!!! We can't wait to welcome Macey Marie to the world in October!!! I just love her name and I feel so blessed God picked me to be her Mommy!
She has got so many clothes already and I just love them all, but I wanted to share a couple things I have picked up.
I bought this bib the day we dicided on the name Macey!
My mom and I were out shopping this weekend and I fell in love with this sweet outfit! I can't wait to put her in it this fall! I'm thinking Thanksgiving!
I also picked up these cute little headbands this weekend at Target!! I can't wait to see her in these!
I have several more cute outfits to share but it would be picture overload if I did it all at once!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Ultra Sound Picture

I wanted to share an ultra sound picture with y'all! It isn't the best because I had to take it with my phone. I have a few I need to scan in but I just haven't got to it yet. However, here is her sweet little profile! I just love her so much and stare at her little face all the time! I think she is just the cutest little baby already!

She has been moving around a lot this week and I just love it! I've noticed she moves a lot in the afternoons and I love being able to sit here at my desk at work and feel her move. It makes the day so much better! It's like she is trying to make her momma's day better at work by moving around for me!
Nothing else has been going on this week. Christian has had to work 2nd shift some this week, so the nights have been pretty lonely. I did get my hair done last night finally. It had been forever. My doctor encouraged that I waited 20 weeks to get any highlights or anything. So I had really bad roots and it had grown out so much. I got it cut right below my chin and toned down a little because I don't want to have to get my highlighted that much while I'm pregnant. Do or did any of you get your hair highlighted while pregnant?
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
I plan on hopefully starting to clean out the nursery. I can't wait to get started decorating!! Do you guys have any good websites for cute bedding?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

20 Weeks Update
Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 20Weeks and 1 day

Size of baby: 6.5 inches long and weighs 11 ounces as of yesterday. He or she is the size of a banana!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Gained 10 lbs as of last week.

Maternity Clothes: Yes and they are so comfortable!

Gender: It's a GIRL!!!!!!!

Movement: Yes she has been moving a lot this week! I love it! One afternoon after lunch she moved around until I got off from work!

Food Cravings: I've been wanting BBQ ribs this week.

What I miss: Nothing except for sleeping!

Sleep: I toss and turn most nights.

Symptoms: It's been bette this week, but toothpaste makes me gag!

Best Moment this week: Hitting the half way point and feeling her move around.

What I am looking forward to: Starting the 2nd half of my pregnancy!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gender and Weekly Update!!!

Christian and I had our 19 week appointment yesterday and we found out the gender!!!! I was so excited I could hardly wait for the day to get here!
IT IS A....
We are both excited and can't wait to meet our sweet baby girl! I am so in love with her it is crazy! I keep looking at her little ultra sounds and I just fall even more in love with her. I now understand how people say you can never undestand the love of a parent until you are one. I can only imagine the love I will feel for her when she arrives in October! Christian and I went with shopping right after the appointment and bought a few things. I will share pictures soon of her little outfits. We surprised my family last night at dinner with an ourfit to reveal the gender.

I am 19 weeks today and wanted to share a few highlights!
19 Weeks
Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 19 Weeks
Size of baby: 6.5 inches long and weighs 11 ounces as of yesterday. He or she is the size of a mango!
 Total Weight Gain/Loss: Gained 10 lbs as of yesterday.
Maternity Clothes: Yes and they are so comfortable! I am pretty much only maternity pants but I can still wear some of my logner shirts. Although, most of my shirts are starting to get short on me.
Gender: It's a GIRL!!!!!!! We found out yesterday.
Movement: I believe I felt the first little kick/ flutter yesterday morning! I told the nurse during the ulta sound yesterday that it was right below my belly button and she said that is right where her feet were!
Food Cravings: No particular cravings! I'm just hungry a lot!
What I miss: Nothing except for sleeping!
Sleep: I toss and turn most nights.
Symptoms: Still getting sick but not as much. 
Best Moment this week: Finding out we are having a GIRL!
What I am looking forward to: Starting to pick out things for the nursery and buying fun girly stuff!

Last but not least....Here are a few pictures we've taken of my belly!
Around 16 weeks

This is one of my favorites but I look HUGE!
Almost 17 weeks

18 weeks (please ignore my HUGE and GROSS arms)

Side view from tonight
19 Weeks