Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween to you all!!!
Macey has had a fun time celebrating Halloween this year.
We have went to a pumpkin patch, Halloween play date, Trunk or Treat, and Trick or Treating!!!
Enjoy the pictures!!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011


My youngest nephew is playing football this year and we have been trying to go to some of his games to cheer him on!!!
He is #89 in the navy blue above. 
His little cheerleader!!! 
She has such a good time at the games!!! 
I love this sweet little chair we found at Wal Mart for her!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011


The fair was in town a few weeks ago and decided to tag along with my sister and her family!!!
We had a lot of fun, but it ended up being really cold that night and I didn't bring the right type of clothes.
About to take Macey through the petting zoo area and no we did not touch any animals!! 
She loves any animal these days!!! 
I love the look on my face..HA! I was excited for her!!! 
You can tell she is excited in this picture!!! 
Love this picture of us!!! 
And a visit to the fair is not complete without roasted corn!!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Just Plain Cute

This girl and her cuteness seriously just melts my heart!!!
I love these sweet pictures of her looking out the window at a restaurant we were at one night!!! 
Love her!!! 
She is getting so big!!! 

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Last Thursday I watched little Hannah for my friend Molly.
Hannah and Macey are only two weeks apart and are totally BFF's!!!
We live in the same neighborhood, so we try to get them together often.
I love this picture of them looking at each other. I wonder what they thinking or trying to say to each other. Probably something like this:
Hannah "Why does your crazy Mom have these crazy hats on our heads inside and insisting on taking our picutre?"
Macey "I'm not sure why she always insist on getting a picture with crazy stuff on my head...but she has been doing since the day I was born, so I'm just use to it."

I had them bundled up because we were going for a wagon ride and it was cold outside!
They both enjoyed the ride and talked the whole time!
Once again they are looking at me like "seriously lady stop taking pictures of us"
My sweet girl...this was her last day before she turned one.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Las Vegas

Christian and I went to Las Vegas at the beginning of October with my sister and her husband for our anniversary!!! I was so excited about getting away but sad about leaving Macey. We left her with my parents and she did great. I'm sure I missed her way more than she missed me.
We had just arrived at the airport in Vegas. 
My sister and her husband. 
Christian and I in the phone booth at the Mirage! 
My sister and I! 
This was our favorite place to eat at...Ellis Island. It is a locals place my parents told us about and the food was so good and the prices were even better!
The Eiffle Tower!!! 
The Luxor...where we stayed. 
The Bellagio water show. The show was so pretty especially at night.
We were there Thursday through Monday and enjoyed out trip!!!
We did so much walking but we wanted to see everything while we were there!

Pumpkin Patch

A couple weekends ago we took Macey to a local pumpkin patch!!!
I have been waiting all year to take her to one and get cute pictures!!!
I am going to try and squeeze one more in before Monday and try to get better pictures with pumpkins.

Random Pictures

I am so behind with blogging and posting pictures...but I thought I would share some of these pictures that I took with my phone.
Macey on her way to church Sunday morning. 
Walking into church holding her cousins hands.
I have two nephews and Macey loves them to death. She will pratically jump out of my arms to get to them when they are around. 
Christian and Macey one night before bed!! 
And I mean seriously...can she get any cuter?