Friday, January 21, 2011

Bath Time!

A few weeks ago we went out to my sister's house on one of our snow days, so the boys could play and us girls watched a movie! While we were there Macey decided to have a major blowout and we had to give Macey a bath in the kitchen sink!
 Macey was so relaxed and laid back in the bath we had to take a picture! She would not crack a smile for anything, but it was so funny b/c she said sat there "chillen"...HA!
Macey really loves bath time! Sometimes I put her in the shower with me when we are in a hurry and she LOVES IT!!! I've also put her in the bath tub with me, but most of the time she gets a bath in her whale bath tub!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Valentine's Day card

Cocoa Trio Valentine's Day Card
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I love this sweet Valentine's Day card that I made on Shutterfly! I've decided I'm going to send out cards of Macey for each Holiday, since we have so many relatives in KY and FL! My next project is going to be a photo book!

Friday, January 14, 2011

12 Weeks

Wow, Macey girl you were 12 weeks old yesterday! You are growing so fast and I really wouldn't mind if you slow down a little!
You are loving your little hands these days! 
You will suck on them so loud we can hear you across the room! 
You are becoming so alert these days and we love your big blue eyes!
We wonder if they are going to stay that way!
"Not now Mom"
You are one sweet little girl and you have the most precious smile!
Daddy and I love you more than anything else in this world!
You make us complete sweet girl!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Year's Eve!

I think after this post I should be caught up on the Holidays and can start blogging about our daily stuff again. We went to a friends house with our neighbors this year to celebrate the new year! It was so fun to be able to have our sweet girl with us. We were proud that we made it til midnight, we left right after the ball dropped!
Macey was so good at the party and slept most of the time!
She looks so big in my arms in this picture.
I love her little tutu pants that I got for her from Baby Gap!
 I thought they were fun and festive for New Year's Eve!
New Year's Day Macey were her 2011 onsie that says "Baby's First New Year's" and her cute pants again! Sorry for the awful picture it was taken with my phone.
I hope you all are having a great New Year so far!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Our Christmas!

I realize I'm so behind on doing our Christmas post, but I still want to so I can remember Macey's 1st Christmas. This year was extra special because it was Macey's 1st Christmas and it was also a white one!!! I love that Macey's 1st snow was on Christmas too. I took her out for second to get a picture and she did not care for it one bit. I think because the snowflakes were hitting her in the face.
My sweet little family of three on Christmas!

 Macey on her 1st Christmas morning! Santa brought a wagon, a toy, and a Dora video.
Before Macey was born her Daddy bought her a mini Vera Bradely and we gave it to her at Christmas! 
Santa also brought Buddy a stocking full of toys. He was seriously like a little kid and was so excited! 
I decided I wanted to start getting Macey sock monkey ornaments, so my parents got her this green one and she loves it! She smiles at it everytime I hold it up. 
My Grandparents came down from Kentucky for Christmas and here is my Grandma with some of Grandaughters and Great Grandson's and daughter. 
Here is Macey with a big Christmas bow on her head! She is the best gift I could ever receive! This Christmas will always be extra special becuase we had our sweet girl with us.
Macey girl you make life just perfect! 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I'm a little behind but I wanted to do a little 2010 recap!
January - Got pregnant (we didn't know it yet)
February - Had lots of snow!
March 1st - found out we were pregnant!!!
April - My sister and I went to ATL for Beth Moore!
May - Celebrated Christian's birthday and went to Texas for work
June 1st - Found out we were having a girl and felt Macey move for the first time on the same day!!!
July - Went to the beach for my best friend's wedding! Also, had a little scare and had to go the ER.
August - Started to feel really preggo and hiding out from the heat!
September - Had my baby shower's, celebrated my birthday, and was put on bed rest
October 21st - Our sweet girl arrived!
November - Got used to being a family of 3 and celebrated Macey's first Thanksgiving!
December - Enjoyed every second of being at home with my girl!

2010 was by far the best year of my life and wouldn't change it for anything!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to Work

Today is the day that I have dreaded since I found out I was pregnant...going back to work. I've know from the beginning that I just can't stay home right now, but I just wasn't ready to leave my sweet girl yet. I have cried about it, argued about it, prayed about it and I know I will find peace sooner or later with it. I still want to be the one to feed all day, put down for naps, be there when she wakes up, hold her when she cries, watch cartoons with her... I'm very lucky that my parents are able to keep her, so I know she is in good hands.
But I'm still missing her like crazy today!