Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year's Eve

Wow...I can't believe it is already 2010! This year has just flow by and many great and wonderful things happened this year. I plan on doing a recap of the year tomorrow on here! Today has been a good day! When I got to work this morning I thought we were going to have to work most of the day, but my boss let us leave at 12!

Here I am with a huge smile on my face when he told us we could leave! After I left work I went to look for a dress for a wedding we have tomorrow and I had no luck at all. I plan on getting up tomorrow and head to the mall to look, since the wedding isn't until 6:00.
We are didn't do much tonight for the new year. We went with my sister and her husband, my aunt, and some friends to a local comedy club! It was so fuuny and a good time. We got a free ticket to get into this country club that was in the same parking lot so we walked over for like 10 minutes..we felt so old..HA!! We all just kind of stood there and felt way out of place, oh how times have changed!

Here are the girls...Me, my Aunt Tina, my Sister, and my Sisters friend Paula! They gave us the little hats when we enetered! Now we are at home sitting on the couch trying to stay awake until midnight! I hope you all have a safe and Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Long Day

Today has been a long day..First I was late for work, I didn't get in the shower until 7:40 and I have to be at work at 8:00, so needless to say I was late. Christian and I were suppose to meet his dad and everyone for lunch at 12:00 but when I called his dad around 11:30 he said he was sick. Well the next thing I knew they were headed to the emergency room with him. Christian and I both left work and met them at the hospital. Christian stayed at the hospital with Paige (his dad's fiance) and I took the kids out to lunch and back to my office with me to grab my computer and to finish a couple of things I was working on. It turns out his dad might have food poisoning or some sort of stomach virus. The reason they took him to the ER was because he was having chest pains but all the test results came back good. So this evening we have all been hanging out at the house while his dad has been resting. Paige and I ran to get us some dinner at Firehouse Subs and it was so good. I always forget how much I like that place until I eat it.

We have had these guys running around the house all week! A 108 lb Lab, Jack Russell, and Grey Hound. Buddy loves the little JR but doesn't pay any attention to the GH. It is so funny because he will not let them play with any of his toys. If he hears them playing with his toys he will go stare at them and then take the toy. I guess my dog doesn't know how to share..we will have to work on that! I took like 100 pictures trying to get all three dogs to look at the camera and all in the picture but it wasn't happening. They were all begging Christian for a treat in this picture! I'm exhausted and getting ready to go pass out! The house is nice and peaceful right now everyone is in bed sleeping!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Dinner Party

Tonight my office had our Christmas dinner party at a wonderful steak house right near my office. My boss never had a chance to plan a party before Christmas and we all decided it would be easier to do after Christmas. It was nice to go out to dinner with Christan on a Monday night. We usually are always exhausted on Monday's and stay at home. My inlaws are still here today and today when I came home from lunch they had cleaned my house! It was nice of them and greatly appreciated! I'm talking laundry folded, bed made, floors cleaned, and everything. Then when I got home from work this evening we had a new flat screen TV in our guest room! They said it was part of our Christmas gift, but I think it was they just wanted a TV in the room when they are here :) HA. Thank you guys very much!

We are now all hanging out in the living room together and playing UNO (well they are). I'm blogging and watching TV. I hope you all have a great night!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Holidays

I  can't believe that Christmas is over, it seems like it came and went so fast this year. I'm looking forward to New Years and another four day week. I am so not ready to go back to work tomorrow, I have  had a nice four days off!

I hope you all had very Merry Christmas! Christian and I had a wonderful time with our family. Christmas Day we went to my parents. Christians Dad and future Stepmom and kids came in from Floriday Christmas night. We have had a nice weekend together. Today went went to Pilot Mountain which is about 30 - 45 minutes from our house, so the kids could see snow. Living in Fl. you don't get to see snow.

Here we all are including Buddy. We went on a hike and oh my goodness I am so out of shape but the kids and Buddy loved it!

My little family! Buddy was so good today and loved the whole mountain hiking thing, so I'm thinking we might go back in the spring. We only live about an hour from the mountains!

Here we are in this big cave, rock looking thing that was along the trail! Yes and I am probably the only one the goes hiking in a Kenneth Cole Peacoat, HA!!! I didn't know we were hiking I thought we were just driving up and looking at the scenic overlook.

I wish Buddy was looking at the camera in this picture. It would be really cute if I cropped it. Oh well! I must say it was very interesting walking the trail with two kids and a huge dog on ice! One side of the mountain was nice and sunny with no snow or ice and the other side was nice and shady with ice and snow!
After we got through with that we had lunh at Chipolte and it was heaven! After lunch us girls went shopping and the guys went to do guy stuff!

Here am I with Christians future step sister with some crazy sunglasses we found! I love going shopping after Christmas and getting all the deals!
FYI: the reason I keep saying Christian's future stepmom and stuff is b/c his Dad his marrying her this spring!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from our home to yours!
"Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great JOY that will be for all the people. Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord" Luke 2:10-11

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Time to Enjoy

Today was my last day of work before Christmas! I am so excited to have a couple of days off. Christian and I have been cleaning the house tonight and getting ready for his Dad and future Stepmom from Florida. I think I am officialy ready for Christmas and enjoy the season. All of my presents are bought and wrapped, the house is clean, and finished with work! Christian has to work for a little while tomorrow. So I plan on sleeping in and relaxing, then I'm meeting Christian at church at 12:30 for our Christmas Eve program, and then coming home to make Red Velvet Cake Balls! We have to go to my sisters tomorrow night and then we will go to my parents Christmas Day! I hope you all have a Merry Christmas! I'm not sure how much I'll get to post over the next few days but I will try my best!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Y'all I LOVE Christmas time, but I cannot stand wrapping Christmas presents. Not only Christmas presents, birthday presents or anything else through out the year. My back and neck always start to hurt and I get so aggravated at having to cut the paper and then tape it...UGH!!! I am definitely a bag type of girl, but I still like to use pretty wrapping paper, so I suck it up at Christmas time. This evening after work I ran over my parents to see my sister and nephews and then headed home to wrap. Christian wrapped my presents while I was at my parents and then when I got home I finished wrapping his and everyone else. So now I can relax and not have to wrap another gift until next year!

Our tree now looks complete! We didn't really do that much this year, so luckily I didn't have that many gifts to wrap and I still used a few bags as you can see. I also went ahead and stuffed Christian's stocking, so I'm finished. Except for Buddy's stocking, but I can't put it in there until Christmas Eve when we go to bed b/c he will try to pull his stocking down. His has two little bells on it and he always run over to the mantle and hits it with his nose to make it jingle. He is just like a kid when I came home from the pet store with his gifts in the store bag, he went crazy and stared at the bag for like an hour, so I had to hide it! I can't believe Christmas is in 3 days! I'm so excited and can't wait!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Joy to the World!

Happy Monday! I am so excited that Christmas is only a few days away, it is my favorite time of the year! I love spending the time with my family and Christians Dad and Stepmom is coming up from Florida also! This evening after work I ran to Wal- Mart and to get a few things and to the grocery store. I decided I wanted to make a couple of goodies for Christian and I to take to work tomorrow. I made Hay Stacks and Chocolate Covered Pretzels.

My sister makes these every year and I love them and they are soooo easy!
Hay Stacks
2 bags of butterscotch morsels
2 cans of chow mein noodles
(that's all)

Melt the butterscotch (I used the microwave)
Mix the noodles and butterscotch together in large bowl
 Place small portions are on wax paper (I used aluminum foil b/c I was out of wax paper)
It really is that simple!!!!!!!

Chocolate Covered Pretzels
Almond Bark

Melt the Chocolate
Mix pretzels and chocolate and pour on to wax paper
I also used red sprinkles on these

Seriously y'all it was this simple tonight and that is probably the reason I picked these two to make. I made two batches of each. One for my office and one for Christian's.

I also wanted to share with yall this cute mouse pad I bought yesterday at TJ Maxx for $2!

I put it on my desk today at work and it looks so cute, I love it! I hope you all have a great night!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's a Winter Wonderland

We got so much snow for us in NC!!! We usually get snow a couple times of year but not until January or later and it is usually only and inch or two. We probably got around 6 inches or so last night. 

Here is a pictures of the snow yesterday afternoon when I got home from work! I figured this would be about all we would get but nope!

Here is a picture we took last night before we went to bed. I think this is so pretty and I love it. You can see Buddy's foot prints and toy in the yard. He loved it so much!

Usually he is ready to come inside but last night we had to make him come in. He had so much fun running and playing with his football.

Here is a picture this morning when we got up! It was pretty and frozen b/c it stated sleeting late last night.  It was funny to watch Buddy walk in it b/c we would sink every time he took a step.

Once again here is wild man this morning! You can see how far the snow came up to on the house. I was afraid that we were going to be stuck in the house all day but we went for a late breakfast around 11 and the all of the roads were pretty clear. So I was able to get out and finish up my Christmas shopping. We are staying tonight because it is pretty cold and the roads are starting to freeze again. Hopefully they will not be too bad in the morning, so we can go to church. I hope you all have a great weekend!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

For once our weatherman was right! It started snowing this afternoon around 12 and hasn't stopped. My office closed early today before it got to snowing hard.  When I got home I let Buddy out to go potty and we came back inside. He kept going to the door whining, so I figured he had to go potty again. Nope he wanted to play. This dog loves the snow. He runs in it and digs his nose in it. Here is a video I took this afternoon. Please ignore my annoying voice in this video. I figured I would share this video, since I do not have any kids to video in the snow.

There wasn't really much on the ground when we took this but you can't even see the ground or anything now. It is suppose to snow up through tomorrow around noon and the start back up that evening. I love the snow an all, but I really have Christmas shopping to finish!!!! Christian and I have done absolutely nothing tonight. We have been on the couches playing with our computer's and watching TV! I love snow days but I really hope I'm not trapped in the house all weekend. I will have more pictures to share tomorrow, but  it has taken me forever tonight to figure out how  to get videos on my computer from our video camera and then I had sound issues. We got our camera for a wedding present and tonight was the first time we messed with uploading videos. Hopefully it will get easier and not so time consuming. Also, it took forever to upload to You you guys have any tips? Please help!?!?!?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Ornaments and A Baby!

This past week I made ornament for all the girls at work with their initail on them.  I bought the glass ornaments, ribbon, and streamer for the inside all at Hobby Lobby, then I used a paint pen for for the initial. I was pretty happy with how they turned out. I had a few left over so I made on for Buddy!

On the front I wrote Buddy with little paws on both sides, then below I put "woof woof", and the year on the back.  I have two more ornaments left, so I think I might make some for Christian and myself this weekend.

They are calling for snow tomorrow and Saturday and if it snows like they are saying it will I should have plenty of time inside to do stuff. Our weather men are never right, they are usually always wrong. So I'll believe it when I see it, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed! I love snow!!!!

Also, I have really exciting news! One of my best friends had her baby boy this morning! I am so excited for the new family.  The only sad part is she lives in Wilmington, NC about 4 hours from me, so I have to wait to see the baby.

Walker James Riddle
Congratulations Amanda and Adam!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A New Found Love

A girl from my office brought me a little goody bag to work with nail polish and candy for Christmas. It was so sweet and thoughtful of her! She also had a few of these delicious things in there:

Candy Cane Hershey Kisses!!
...and oh my I am so in love with them. If you haven't tried these, you must try them this season. I usually do not like minty chocolate candy but I love these. They have a peppermint taste with white chocolate. LOVE THEM, LOVE THEM, LOVE THEM!!!! I've been tempted to go buy a bag but I know I will eat the whole bag, so I am trying to control myself.
Also, I have one prayer request. I just got a phone call that my Aunts husband's (my uncle) Mother just passed away.  She has been in out of the hospital since August and today they called in the hospice and gave her one week to live. We just got the call she passed away this evening. Please keep my Aunt and her family in your prayers as they travel to KY to be with his family during this sad time.
I hope you all are have a great week.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Glamourous Blog Award

Today I received my first blog award from Jamie at The Kubeczka Family and I was very excited! Isn't it funny how we get so excited over the small stuff. Now I have to pass it along to 10 other bloggers, so you can pass it on! Thanks Jamie!

Here you go!
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Ok I hope I have done this right. I've never received an award, so I'm not sure how I am suppose to tag someone besides listing them on here. If you know another way please let me know! Thanks :-)

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Nester Christmas Tour of Homes!

Christmas Tour of Homes with The Nester
 Wow! I can't believe Christmas is next week, it has really snuck up on me this year! I always love decorating for Christmas and I hope you guys enjoy!

Here is our Christmas Tree! We don't really do a color theme tree. Most of our ornaments have been gifts or ones we have gotten on trips!

I love snowmen! This one here sits in the center of my kitchen table! My aunt bought this for me the first year I had my own place!

I bought this plate last year for like $3 at one of the sales after Christmas and I I think it is so cute!

Another snowmen that sits on the bar in the kitchen!

I got this little reindeer when we were in Colorado a few years ago, I usually sit him on the mantle!

I don't really do much to our coffee table, except for this snowman runner and red candle holders!

My mom bought me this Santa candy dish last year and it is adorable! I do not have candy in it b/c I would feel the need to eat all of it at once...HA!

My little snowmen towels on my stove!

I have this little snowman nightlight in our guest bath! I told you guys I'm crazy about snowmen and this isn't even half of them!

Here is my dog Buddy dressed up with his Christmas scarf thing! My husband makes fun of him when he has it on, so he doesn't wear it often. I usually always have a bandana on him though!
I hope you guys enjoyed our Christmas decorations and have a Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Date Night

Last night Christian and I went to dinner and a movie with our friends Matt and Laura! We went to Hutch & Harris for dinner and it was good but the movie was GREAT!!! I finally got to see The Blind Side and oh my goodness it is so good and definitely going on my favorite list.

I loved this movie and you haven't seen it yet you should go and watch it! I think this was one of Sandra Bullock's best movie, I loved her character.
I also got some other really exciting new last night.  On our way to the movies I got a call from my bestfriend Sarah telling my her boyfriend had just proposed!!! She has been wanting to be engaged for a really long time and I'm so excited for her!

Here we are at my Bridal Shower she had for me! Congratulations Sarah and I can't wait to start helping with you wedding!
Today is cold and dreary here in NC! I am laying on the couch watching TV and Christian is out Christmas shopping! Today has been a good day...went to church, had yummy grilled cheese and soup for lunch, and I have Cowboy Chili in the croc pot for dinner! I love lazy days!!!! I hope you all had a great weekend!

Friday, December 11, 2009

O Christmas Tree!

We finally finished our decorating our Christmas tree tonight! It has been sitting in the living room all week without any lights or ornaments, it was pitiful looking :( Tonight when we both got home work we put dinner in the over and started on the tree. It really didn't take us that long maybe 45 minutes to an hour.  For some reason this year I just couldn't get myself moitvated.

Our beautiful tree! I love turning the lights off and sit in the living room with just the tree and garland lights on the mantle on, so cozy! I know this picture is a little blurry...

Here is one with the lights on, but it still looks so bare withour any Christmas gifts under the tree.  We plan on getting most of our shopping done tomorrow.  Christian and I are only doing stockings for each other this year, so it makes it nice and easy!

Every year Christian and I buy ornaments for each others stockings.  I usually try to get Christian one the relates to what is going on in our life that year.  This was from 2006 and we were leaving Christmas day to go to Colorado to go snowboarding, so I got this little skiing onranment!

Last year Christian built his salt water aquarium, so I got him  tropical fish ornament!

A Christmas Story is one of my favorite movies and I had to get this ornament last year when I saw it at Wal Mart! I love Ralpy!
We don't have a themed tree or a real fancey tree, but we love all of our oranments we have gathered over the years! It is always fun to get them out each year and look back!

Tonight after we finished with the tree, we watched Four Christmases and oh my it was funny!

We both laughed so hard at this movie! I thought it was so cute and would probably watch it again!
I hope you all had a wonderful Friday!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Huge Giveaway!

Like the look of this computer?!?! Go visit Kellys Reviews and find out how to win!!! This is such an awesome giveaway and you don't want to miss it!!!!

I've been so bus today and yesterday I haven't even had time to get on the computer.  Yesterday after work I went and got my hair done! I love it and will share pictures soon. After my hair we rushed to go meet some friends for dinner across town and didn't get home until after 10...way too late for me! Then tonight I had to go dinner with work because we've been training our new office in Charlotter and they did dinner for us tongiht. Now I am laying on the floor cuddling with my Buddy! I hope you all have a happy Friday and I promise to be interesting in my next blog post!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Lights!

Last night Christian and I put out our Christmas decorations around the house and lights outside on the bushes.  I haven't taken any pictures of the inside decorations yet, I am waiting until we get our Christmas tree finished and I'll do a post all together.  Our poor tree is standing in our living with no lights or ornaments, it looks pitiful! By the end of the week it will be beautiful!

Here is Christian putting the lights on the bushes last night. Yes I know we have white strands on green bushes, but you really can't tell once they are all up and tucked in the bush. It was so cold last night I felt sorry for Christian out in the cold, so I tried to keep him company by supervising!

Here is the final product! I know it is dark and hard to see but it was like 10 at night.  We only did the bushed b/c I don't think we are allowed to put lights on the house.  We live in a townhome and we have a really strict and annoying association.  We loved our townhome when we first bought it, but it time for a house house!!!
Tonight we have not really done much of anything.  Christian has been paying bills (yes I am lucky and he takes care of all the bills) and I'm watching TV! After dinner I made Puppy Chow or Muddy Buddy, whatever you want to call it.

I couldn't really get the chocolate all over the chex, so if any of you have any suggestions...please share!!!! I love this stuff and haven't made it in a few years. I think I might take it to work tomorrow, that way I will not eat the whole bowl myself..HA!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

A New Look!

As you can all see I got a new blog design from Leslie at  Lamberts Lately.  I am so happy with the new look and so excited about it. I was a little nervous about getting one b/c one I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a design and two I was afraid I couldn't figure it out.  It was so easy you just pick a design kit and pictures and she does the rest for you!
Today has been very cold here but I love it! We got up this morning and went to church and it was such a great service. I'm going to share it on here one da this week.  I think it can relate to every single one of us.  I haven't been feeling well today (I think it's a cold), so after church we went to Panera for lunch I was wanting some of their Broccoli and Cheese soup. It is my favorite! After lunch we went and got our Christmas tree, FINALLY!

I brought my camera into the tree lot with me but I totally forgot to take pictures and I only got this one.  We haven't put it up yet, it is still out in the garage. I think we are going to decorate tomorrow night after work.  This is so unlike me this year, usually I can't wait to decorate but I can't motivate myself this year.
After we got the tree home Christian went into work for a little bit and I took a 2 hour nap.  I have been so exhausted today, I think it is because I do not feel very well.  When Christian got home from work, we ran to the grocery store and then I made dinner.  I made enchiladas from Joshua Brody Francis.  They were

I probably could have melted the chees a little longer but we were hungry and I was tired of being in the kitchen. I made rice and beans to go with them and it was a perfect meal for a cold night!
Now we are both on the couch being lazy and watching TV!

Saturday, December 5, 2009


This weekend has been a little lonely.  Christian's Grandma has been sick and in out of the hospital down in Florida, so he flew out yesterday afternoon to go visit for the day and his coming back late tonight (1:30am).  I do not miss the single life.  Friday nights are very borning and lonely without him.  I didn't do much of anything last night just watched TV and played on the computer.  I know I'm real exciting.  I always hate when he is gone b/c I do not sleep very well at night. Today hasn't been very exciting either.  I got  up this morning and cleaned the house and did all the laundry. I finally got in the shower around 4 o'clock and headed to Wal Mart and Ross.  I had to pick up a few things at WM and I just wanted to run into Ross and found a really cute black pair of shoes for only $13.99.  Sorry I'm too lazy to do pictures tonight.  I went with my parents and Aunt and Uncle who are in town from KY to our old neighbors 50th birthday party tonight it was fun.  I felt so old while I was there b/c I used to babysit their kids and the oldest one is now a Junior in HS and his way taller than me. I mean I used to change his diapers, I remember going to the hospital when he was born.  Crazy how time flies, makes you appreciate life and the small things so much more.  After the party my parents brought my family by to see our house and now I'm laying on the couch.  I feel like I am getting a cold and just exhausted.  I've been blowing my nose all day and sneezing.  I just want to go to church tomorrow and come home to rest.  A Christmas tree might have to wait until one night this week. I hope you all had a great Saturday!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Word of God Speak

I have been listening to this song over and over tonight and I love it and wanted to share it with you guys! They played this song a few weeks ago at church and then I heard it on the Open the Eye of My Heart.

Show Us Your Life - Christmas Trees

I must admit I have been really slack this year and I still do not have my tree up! We always get a real tree, so I think we are going on Sunday after church to get our tree and decorate the house. I promise I will share picture of this years tree, but for now I wanted to share last years.  I feel like my tree looks pitiful compared to some of them on here.  I think I'm going to look for a smaller one on sale after Christmas and do a theme or gold tree next year in the dinin area!

Here is our tree from last year! I love sitting in the living room with all the lights off except for the tree!

Another view of our tree and mantel. I am on a search for new stockings if any of you have good suggestions where to find good ones!

And of course I had to share one of my baby in front of the tree!
Enjoy and go check out Kelly's Korner for more ideas!!!!!!