Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pillow Time

No excuses to why I haven't blogged lately except for the fact I'm just too lazy...and then this week Macey has been sick.
Anyways...I have plenty to blog about and I want to do the Accent Vlog too. Since today is my Friday and I do not come back to work until Tuesday, maybe I'll get caught up.
Macey loves to get in the middle of mine and Christian's bed and climb all over the pillows!!!
This is usually what Christian does with her while I am in the bathroom getting ready if we are going somewhere. 
She laughs and has so much fun with it. I love to here her little giggles! 
I think this was one night before bed. It is a good way to burn some energy! 
Love this sweet baby to pieces!!! 
Also, Macey FINALLY has her 1st tooth coming in!!! I thought my child would never get a tooth. I spotted it last night and was so happy. I seriously thought she was going to be walking before she got a tooth.

Friday, August 19, 2011


I feel like Macey is becoming such a big girl lately and it just makes this Momma sad. I'm glad she is growing and healthy, but I would love for time to slow down.
I have started giving her big girl snacks twice a day. I pull her high chair in front of the TV and she watches the Disney Channel while she eats. She was really excited about snack time this day.  
I put Macey in the church nursery last Sunday for the first time. She did so well and went right to them. I was kind of sad that she didn't think twice about leaving me, but happy at the same time she didn't cry! 
We have bought Macey some beginner shoes! These are just some cheap ones from Target, but I've bought a pair from Stride Rite too! 
The weather has been really nice in the mornings and evenings this past week, so I took my two babies for a walk!!!
I hope you all have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

9 Month Photo Shoot

A girl I work with is into photography and asked if she could come practice and take some pictures of Macey! So of course I said yes! Just like any Mom, I want as many pictures I can get of my baby!
These were take close to her 9 month birthday!
She was NOT in the mood to smile this day. 
I think this is one out of over 800 pictures of her joke! 
Pretty blues eyes and half smile! 
This pictures cracks me up!!! I was in the middle of changing her and Catey snapped a quick pic! 
She is smiling in this picture only because I put Chuggington on the TV!
I can't believe the next photo shoot we have will be for her 12 month birthday...

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bath Time!

My girl loves bath time! We have recently started letting her take "big girl" baths and she loves to splash and crawl all around. I still can't believe she is already out of her baby bath tub. I kept her in it as long as I could, but she figured out how to attempt to climb out.
She loves to chew on her wash cloth! 
I spiked her hair so everyone can see that my baby really does have some hair!
She has bath toys but she prefers to chew on everything but her toys!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"I Do"

We had another wedding to attend this past weekend.
 I feel like we have had wedding after wedding this summer.
My  parents watched Macey and Christian and I enjoyed a night out together. I ended up letting Macey spend the night at my parents. It was her first time overnight somewhere. I'm pretty sure I had a harder time with it than she did.
My hubby! 
My friend Erin!
She was 40 weeks pregnant in this picture and she just delivered baby Conner yesterday.
I can't wait to visit her tonight at the hospital and love on the baby!
How awful am I??? I did not get one picture of the bride and groom! OOPS!