Wednesday, July 28, 2010

27 Weeks

27 Weeks!!!!
Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 27 Weeks
Size of baby: 14.5 inches long and weighs 2 lbs. She is the size of a head of cauliflower!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I can't remember what my exact weight was last time I was at the doctors, but I think I've gained around 19-20 lbs.
Maternity Clothes: I am in all maternity shorts and mostly shirts as well. I can still wear a few of my normal shirts.
Gender: Girl!
Movement: Yes! She is moving a lot. I can see my belly move a lot now and I love it!!!
Sleep: I am starting to sleep a little more each night. We have been turning the air down lower and it is helping!
Symptoms: I have been feeling sick this week again. I've been nausous and I'm still so exhausted. I went to the doctor today and my blood pressure was up too.
What I miss: Nothing really.
Cravings: Chick Fil A
Best Moment this week: Officially in my 3rd trimester now!!!
What I am looking forward to: Getting my hair done tomorrow!

I had my glucose test today but it made me sick, so they were not able to take my blood. I have to go back next Wednesday and try it again. This time they gave me Lemon Lime instead of orange. Hopefully it settles better. My blood pressure was also up a little, but my doctor believes that it might be from me getting sick this morning. I now have to start going every 2 weeks to the doctor, so they can keep and eye on it.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Our Sweet Girl

Last week I mentioned that I some ultra sound pictures that I wanted to share but they were PDF's and blogger wouldn't let me upload them. Well I finally have them in JPEG's now and wanted to share!
Here is one of her sweet face looking at us!
It looks to me like she is smiling!
Here are her litte feet at 18 weeks!!!!
And here they are at 23 weeks!
She has them crossed in this picture! I could just eat them up!!!
 I love getting to see her whole body!!!
Look at that sweet leg!!!
Her little hand waving!!!
Her profile!!!
She is just the cutest baby ever to me!!!!
I know you all probably don't enjoy looking at these as much as I do, but I want them for my memories on here!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend Getaway

Christian and I went to visit a girlfriend of mine from school and her family in Wilmington! It was nice to get away, but I'm learning that I'm not a fan of traveling while pregnant. We got to their house around 10:00 Friday night and we just talked for a little bit and went to bed.
Saturday morning we hung out around there house and played with their sweet baby Walker! He is such a happy baby and smiled the whole time we were there. I think he only cried once the whole weekend. Here is Walker on our way to eat Mexican for lunch!!!
After lunch we decided to hang out at the pool instead of the beach. It was so HOT and I didn't feel like getting sandy. Walked loved the pool and we all had such a good time passing him around playing with him. I think we wore him b/c he later fell asleep in his float.
I came to the house and took a nap before we went to dinner. I was so tired and knew I couldn't make it to dinner without a nap..ha! We went to a seafood restaurant right on the water in Wrightsville beach!
(I feel like I look like a balloon in this picture good thing I have an excuse to look big right now..LOL)
Here is a picture of Amanda and Adam at dinner also!
I hope you all had a nice weekend too!
I'm so happy we have Monday behind us and only 4 more days until the weekend! I have my glucose test on Wednsday and getting my hair done on Thursday!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Weekend Getaway!

Christian and I have decided to go to Wilmington (a beach about 3 hours away) to visit some friends this weekend!!! I'm looking forward to getting away this weekend and relaxing by the pool and on the beach (maybe). I love going to the beach, but I'm not a huge fan of sand, so usually I hang out by the pool. Christian grew up in Florida and he is beach boy, so I'm sure I'll have to go for a little bit with him.
I hope you all have a great weekend!
We have this weekend planned and a beach trip in August planned and they will be our last two getaways baby free! I can't wait to take Macey with us on vacation!!! I always had the best time going on vacation with my family while growing up!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ultrasound Picture

I have several ultrasound pictures that I want to share with you all, but I'm so aggravated!!! My doctor's office never puts them a disc for me, so all I have are the paper ones. I took like 45 minutes one day and scanned them all in here at work and blogger will not let me upload PDF's. A guy I work with has newer software on his computer to change them from PDF to JPEG, but hasn't yet.
However, I do I have this one that he practiced with to share with you!!! It is one of my favorites and I love her poking her little finger!!! It gives her such a!!! I could look at these everyday and fall more and more in love with my sweet girl.
I love this sweet baby so much!!!!
I wonder everyday will she look like her Daddy or her Mommy, will she have hair and what color, her skin tone, her eyes? I can't wait to hold her in my arms and take in her sweet baby scent!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

26 Weeks

26 Weeks!!!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 26 Weeks
Size of baby: Weighs 2.0 - 2.2lbs
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Gained 17lbs. at my last appointment at the end of June
Maternity Clothes: I am completely in maternity pants and mostly shirts, but I can still wear some of my old shirts.
Gender: Girl, Girl, Girl!
Movement: Yes! She is starting to move all the time and I love it!!!
What I miss: I really do not miss a think except for maybe sleep but I have to get use to that for when she is here anyways.
Sleep: Starting to sleep a little more but still tossing and turning all night.
Symptoms: EXHAUSTED, hot, indigestion/ heartburn, backaches, can't sleep that well
Cravings: Milk which is so weird b/c I have never liked milk.
Best Moment this week: Watching my belly move from her moving!!!
What I am looking forward to: Going on vacation in August for a few days!!! It will be our last getaway before she arrives!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Catch Up

We had a busy weekend and I was too tired to catch up last night!!!
Friday night I babysat for my boss, he has a little 10 month old girl and she is too cute!!! It was his and his wife's anniversary so I watched her for a few hours while they went to dinner! I figured I could use some practice anyways..HA! I didn't get the chance to take any pictures that night, but here is one from when she was in the office one day. (please ignore the beyond horrible picture of me)
Christian had some friends in town that he went to college with so we went to lunch and dinner with them! I did not take one picture this weekend of us all together! I guess I was to busy talking and eating when we were together. I did snap this quick picture with my phone on our way out the door for dinner!
I decided I want to wear heels out to dinner Saturday night and that was a bad idea! I barely made it back to the car, I told Christian I will be retiring my heels until after the baby arrives and we will decide then if they will be brought back out. My guess is probably not..HAHA! I've always loved heels, but not these days!
Sunday was nice and we got stuff done around the house. I guess I should say Christian got stuff done for me around the house, while I was on the couch! After cleaning Christian went to play golf and I went to my parents for the afternoon! My Dad gave Buddy a good brushing and bath for me! For some reason Buddy is the best for my Dad when it comes to bath time. Here is a picture of our sweet boy last night at bed time! He is so spoiled it's almost sad!
I wanted to share this picture of my belly I took today at work! I will be 26 weeks tomorrow and I'm really starting to feel pregnant! I'm exhausted all the time, HOT and sweaty, back aches, can't sleep, go to the bathroom 2456 times a day, indigestion, can't wear heels, and I'm starting to waddle when I!
But this sweet baby girl in my belly is worth every bit of it!!!
I can't wait to meet you and love you and hold you in my arms sweet Macey !!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

25 Week Update

25 Weeks
Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 25 Weeks
Size of baby: 13.5 inches long and weighs 1.5lbs.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Gained 17lbs.
Maternity Clothes: I am completely in maternity pants and mostly shirts, but I can still wear some of my old shirts.
Gender: Girl!
Movement: Yes! It's starting to get stronger and more frequent!
What I miss: I really do not miss a think except for maybe sleep but I have to get use to that for when she is here anyways.
Sleep: I have never had this hard of a time sleeping. I toss and turn all night every night. I usually sleep ok from 10-12 and 5 -7, other than that I'm awake. I've been so exhausted this week!
Symptoms: Not being able to sleep, heartburn/ indigestion, and so tired
Cravings: Chicken Salad and Jello
Best Moment this week: Christian started painting her nursery this week and feel her move more and more! It is like she is getting her own little personality in my belly :)
What I am looking forward to: The weekend!! I need rest!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Buddy...Our Spoiled Boy

Tonight we took Buddy to Petsmart with us and oh did he have a good time! He looked at the birds and barked at the cats that were up for adoption. We were out of dog food and treats. He ended up getting two different kinds of treats and a toy. We let him walk down the toy aisle and pick one out. We had to tear the tag off so the guy could scan it b/c Buddy would not let it go...LOL. He has not let go of it since we got home, he is just like a little kid! I can't wait until we can take Macey on our little family outings!
Sorry if this post looks weird, I am using the blogger app on my new phone. I am that lazy tonight to get off the couch and get the computer.

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Phone and Paint

I can't believe it is already Sunday evening again. The weekends go by way too fast for me. I really think we should change the work week to 2 days and the weekend to 5 days :) We have had a nice weekend just hanging out. Christian and I ran a few errands yesterday and had lunch at Jason's Deli. I've been craving chicken salad and it hit the spot.
Christian has been dying to get a new phone for a while now and I've been so against it. He really wanted the iphone and he actually got me to go look at them this past week but we are still in a contract with Sprint and I wasn't real sure if I wanted to switch to AT&T. I have been with Sprint for so long and never had any issues. So yesterday we went into the Sprint store, so he look at the new HTC Evo and we were both hooked. It pretty much has everything that the iPhone has and we didn't have to pay to cancel our contract! At first we thought that he was the only one eligible for an upgrade, but turned out we both were! So of course I had to get it to. I was a little sad handing over my blackberry, but I think I'm going to love this too. I'm trying to get use to the touch screen...any tips?

Today has been a very relaxing Sunday. I've been cleaning up around the house and napping, while Christian started painting the nursery! He painted all the walls the light purple and then he is going to go back next week and start the stripes!
The walls are still wet in this picture so it doesn't look that great! I love the purple but I'm glad we are doing the stripes and chair rail. I need something to break it up :) I'm just so excited to start on Macey's nursery!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Nursery Supplies

First of all let me start with saying TGIF and thank you guys for your opinions on my post about the decals! This week has been so long, even if I did have Monday off. I've been so tired this week and all I want to do is lay around and sleep. Christian and I do not have any plans this weekend and I'm so excited about that!!! I love weekends with nothing to do. We went to eat Mexican for dinner and then to Lowe's. We wanted go ahead and get the paint and supplies for the nursery. I think Christian is going to take an advantage of a free weekend and start working on the paint. The poor guy has so much taping to do since we are doing stripes!
Christian is such a good husband! He gathered all the paint and chandelier together and took a picture for my blog! We decided to do the dark and medium purple stripes with a chair rail and light purple at the top! We also went ahead and bought this chandelier. We've been looking around and I haven't really found one that I liked and one that didn't look cheap. Christian really liked this one, so we bought it!
It is really girly like I like and it isn't too big (it looks bigger in this picture than it really is).
We bought these pink crystal knobs for her changing table a while back and Christian put them on tonight! I love them and think they are too cute! I'm telling you I want a super girly nursery!
Final thing...Christian and I are debating whether or not we should paint the ceiling the same light purple that the top of the walls are going to be? What do you think? I'm undecided and he really might kill me if I have him paint the ceiling purple and didn't like it and make him repaint it! 
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

24 Week Update

Yesterday I was 24 weeks pregnant and I'm starting to feel prego!!!
Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 24 Weeks
Size of baby: At our appointment last Tuesday she weighed 1.4lbs!! She is the length of an ear of corn!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Gained 17 lbs.
Maternity Clothes: I am  completely in marternity pants/shorts and mostly shirts as well. I can still wear a few of my regulare shirts.
Gender: Girl!
Movement: Yes! It's starting to get stronger and more frequent! This past weekend we saw my belly move for the first time!!!
What I miss: I can't think of anything.
Sleep: Some night I sleep and some night I'm wide awake. I have a lot of potty breaks.
Symptoms: A lot bathroom breaks, heartburn and indigestion (not as bad), exhausted, and starting to feel pregnant when I move or walk!
Cravings: Fruit Juice and Cantaloupe
Best Moment this week: Christian and I seeing my belly move! Also, you probably don't care but I don't want to forget. This past weekend at the wedding when the song "This Will Be" came on Macey went crazy and as soon as it ended she stopped moving! It was too cute!
What I am looking forward to: Starting on her nursery!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I Need Your Help!!!

I always have such a hard time making decisions, so I'm turing to y'all for advice!!!
I've been looking online for something to go above Macey's crib and I think I've decided on some sort of wall decal, but now the hard part...which one? I think they are so cute and I just can't decide. I have plenty of time to figure it out, but I'm a planner and ready to start the nursery!
I will number them and you can leave the number in the comments!
Of course, the name would say Macey or Macey Marie!


The colors will probably be black and pink!
Also, while we are talking about the nursery again.
Would you girls recommend some sort of rocking chair or glider? I am undecided if I want one, I'm not sure if I will use it, but I don't want to regret not having one.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Baby Nursery

Christian and I cleaned out the office last weekend, so we could start working on the nursery for our sweet girl! We also went ahead and registered at Babies R Us and Target and ended up getting the crib and changing table. I was so excited that we got so much accomplished that weekend.
Here is the proud daddy putting the crib together! We were going to wait to put the furniture in the room until we painted, but Babie R Us suggested that we go ahead and put it together to make sure we weren't missing any pieces.
 The crib put together! I just love it and can't wait to have my sweet girl in it!
I also love her changing table!
As you can tell in the previous pictures we have been experimenting with paint.
I think this is what we have decided to go with. We are going to do dark and medium purple stripes on the bottom with a chair rail and light purple at the top. You can see a small piece of her bedding in this picture. I want it super girly with pink and purple!!!
I haven't had a chance to take pictures of the bedding, but I will soon and will be posting about it.
I'm so excited to get started on Macey's nursery!!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Our 4th of July Weekend

We left on Friday for Wilmington around lunch time for my friend Sarah's wedding. I was the Maid of Honor, so I had to be there in time on Friday for the rehearsal. She got married on the beach and the reception was on the river. Friday evening we all met on the beach to rehearse the ceremony and then went to a local country club for dinner.
Here I am leaving the beach at 23 1/2 weeks pregnant.
Luckily the weather was really nice this weekend and it wasn't too hot.
Here I am with the bride at the dinner.
We've grown up together and have been friends since we were four.
Here I am with my parents!
Sarah gave us these really cute bags and filled with a beach towel, make up bag, and jewelry to wear for the wedding.
Sarah got my bag monogrammed with Macey's initials!
The wedding!
Here I am at the rehearsal.
I was so tired and thirsty when we arrived to the reception, so I was in this chair most of the night!
Here I am with my hubby on the river with the beautiful sunset!
We got home yesterday afternoon around 2:00 and Christian and I were exhausted from me not sleeping well in the hotel, so we took a 3 hour nap. Once we got up we went to dinner and then met my family to watch the fireworks!
I hope you all had a Happy 4th of July!!!!