Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Favorite Kid Photo

Well I don't have any real kids but I do have 1 furry child named Buddy! Buddy is my pride and joy. He is 3 year old black lab and love life! I love this dog more than some humans love other humans. Sad I know! This is Buddy on the front porch posing! I call this his modeling picture because he looks so serious and "handsome" in it...lol! This was a long time ago and he is not even bigger.
Buddy loves to go bye-bye! All I have to do is say the word or spell it and he is going crazy! This is him in my car on his red blanket with his little log toy. That toy goes every where with him!

Here is Buddy in Daddy's hoodie on night! I know what y'all are thinking...poor dog! He lets me do anything to him! Just look at how darn cute he is!

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the brown couch said...

Beautiful dog...wish we weren't renting so we could have one.

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