Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Hump Day!

Only 2 more days until Friday! I know I shouldn't wish my life away, but I can't wait for the weekend every week.  I love having 2 days in a row off and being able to do whatever I want, especially now that the time has changed, I feel like I have no time in the evenings. I don't have much to blog about today. Tonight after work Christian and I ran to Ross so I could return a dress, went to Subway for dinner, and to Walmart to pick a few things. I did get a scarf at Walmart for on  $5! I wanted one to go with my new pea coat I got last night.  I found Kenneth Cole coat for only $60, I couldn't pass up the deal. Now we are both sitting here on the couch watching TV and playing on our computers.  I'm waiting for 9:30 to watch Cougar Town, it is so funny. I hope you all have a wonderful night!

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Ashley said...

Thanks girl for your sweet comment! ;)

Good post! I love WMT scarves for $5.00! I got a really cute black and purple leopard one there the other day!!! So adorable! ;)

Glad you are doing well!