Monday, November 30, 2009

Indianapolis & Chicago!

**WARNING** This post is in picture overload mode!!!
If you have read my blog lately you know we went out of town for the Holiday.  We had such a good trip and I wish I was still there.  We left last Wednesday for Indianapolis, spent Thanksgiving at my Uncles House, Friday we went to Chicago, Saturday we hung out in Indianapolis and shopped, Sunday we came home. 
There are so many pictures I want to share, but I can't put them all on here, so here are a few of my favorite!

My Papa and his Granddaughters! It was so nice to see him b/c he was diagnosed with lung cancer last month and we weren't sure if he would be here for Thanksgiving.

My cousin and I, we always do this pose with each other! Don't ask :)

My sister and I with our cousin!

Christian and I on Thanksgiving! Our first holiday as a married couple!

With our Grandma!

My Daddy and Me!

My sweet nephew and Jacob!

On our way to Chicogo! We rented a 15 passenger van and my cousin and I  got stuck in the last row with the little ones! We loved every minute of it!

All of stuffed into the van!

Christian and I in Chicago! I could do so much shopping here!

This spot was so pretty, I want to go back so bad!

Us and our yummy Starbucks!

I've been playing with Picasa tonight and trying to figure out how to use it...ha! Do any of you use it?

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