Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Bachelor

I just finished watching The Bachelor that I DVR'd last night and all I can say is DRAMA, DRAMA!!!!!! These girls are filled with drama this season, but I guess they are every season. I'm not really sure who I like this time, usually there are couple of girls that I like from the beginning until end.
I was happy to see Michelle leave last night!!!!

That girl was a handful and obviously had some things to work out! I'm glad Jake made that decision to send her home!
I actually liked Elizabeth at first but yes she did start to play mind games with Jake, so it was probably best that she gone also!

I thought his one on one with Ella was sweet! I loved that he brought her son out to see her, even though it might be soon for him to be the son! I think in this situation it is ok...

Ella is starting to grow on me and she seems to be a mature one in the group! I haven't really seen her get caught up in the drama!
Last but not least...Ali.

I have mixed emotions about her. I really like her last week on her one on one with Jake, she seemed sweet and innocent...BUT...this week she kind of mean to Vienna and to me it seem like she was trying to start drama! So I am not sure what I think of her now!  Who are your favorites on the show?


Katie's Journey said...

I am so glad that Michelle is gone too! Ella is my favorite for sure and I think she is one of the only ones that is actually mature, plus she is so much closer to his age than all of the others! I used to love Ali but not so much anymore. I have a feeling that both her and Vienna will not get a rose next week.

Christa said...

I am SO glad that he got rid of Michelle and Elizabeth!!! My favorites are Ali, Tenley and Ella! I agree with you though...Ali didn't seem so sweet and innocent this episode!