Sunday, February 7, 2010

LOVE IS IN THE AIR...and a few other things!

Friday morning I woke up to this...
More snow, ice, and sleet...Christian called me once he got to work and said it took him almost an hour and that the roads were really slick, so I worked from home!!! I love the days I don't have to get up and go to work.
I took the time to clean the house and put out my 3 little pieces of Valentine decorations!
I almost always have towels for each season/holida on my stove!
This cute little plate that I got for Christian one year with homemade cookies!
My little Valentine's Day flag outside! I also usually have a flag for every season and holiday!!!
I also wore my $5 Valentine's shirt I got from Target!!! I love it and I think it is just too cute!!!
Christian and I never really do much for Valentines Day except for a card and maybe dinner. He is sweet and will usually get me a gift certificate to get a pedicure! BUT I do love Valentines day!!! I love all the red and pink and I just enjoy the day!!!
I also spent a lot of time loving on and playing with this cute boy!

Speaking of dogs...Christian and I have been wanting to change Buddy's dog food to a healthier food than Dog Chow. Well yesterday when we went Petsmart it was kind of overwhelming. We had a guy representing the bran Nutro and then we had the Petsmart staff representing their brand Authority. We weren't sure who to believe or what to believe...but we did go with Authority. Do any of you dog owner's have any suggestions? 
Yesterday was a very exciting day! We booked our family vacation for the summer and this will be our home in August for a few days!!!
We are going on a cruise with my family! There will 15 of us and it should be interesting!! We are going on a 4 night cruise and then spending a few days in Florida either before or after. Since Chrsitian is from Orlando and his Dad works for Disney and we get in for FREE!!! I think we are going to leave early and take my nephews to Disney before we set sail!!!!
My sister and I also bought our tickets and booked our room for the Beth Moore Conferance in Atlanta in April!!! We are so excited! You can see my excited face in the post below. Are you going?
I can't believe today is The Super does not feel like it at all. We don't have any plans and will probably end up ordering pizza or something like that and sitting at home! I don't really care about the game. I just like the commercials and half time!!!  Do any of you have any big and exciting plans for tonight?

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Christa said...

Love your V-Day plate! How exciting about the cruise!

I watch because of the commercials too! Ha!