Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Simple Pleasures

I just read Kelly's Korner post tonight about her simple pleasures and I thought it was such a good post and I wanted to share a few of my simple pleasures!!!!
This cute little boy is one of my favorite simple pleasures!!!! He can make any bad day a good day! I love this dog so much!!!  How can you not love that cute face!?!?!
This picture that sits on my night stand is a simple pleasure of mine!! I love this picture of Christian and I, I smile everytime I look at it! I always stare out my bathroom in the mornings while I'm drying my hair at this picture! I am blessed to have such a good husband, even though I don't always say it or act it.

Getting in bed with fresh clean sheets that just came out of the dryer

A cute outfit

Walking around Target

Laying on my couch watching TV in my PJ's

Waking up on Saturdays and not having anywhere to be

My two sweet nephews!!!

Spending the day with family

Shopping with my mom and sister

A cute pair of shoes

A clean house and an empty laundry basket

Listening to the crickets in the spring

The smell of shampoo

Getting the first snow of the season

Calling my dad everyday at 12 and lucky to have a dad to call!!!

Turning up a good song  in the car on a pretty day with the windows down

The feeling right after you get your haircut

These are just a few of my simple pleasures!!! When you list all the small things that make you smile, it really makes you realize how good life really is!!!! I guess that is why they it's the small things that count!


~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

I hear ya girl... it's the little things that bring the most pleasure of all. Cute post!

Anonymous said...

why do we think are three boys are so cute yes even the one with four legs.

Kelly said...

I love getting in the bed with clean sheets. It always seems like you sleep so much better. I also agree with riding in the car with the windows down on a beautiful day.