Sunday, November 7, 2010

Busy Weekend

We have a had a busy weekend and I'm exhausted! Luckily Macey and I took a 3 hour nap this afternoon and it was much needed.
This weekend was Christian's college homecoming so we have been on the run going to the football game and hanging out with everyone in town for it. Christian was the proud dad and was so excited to show Macey off to all his college buddies yesterday.
 Here we are before dinner last night!!! I actually felt human like again this weekend and it was nice to get showered and dressed and go somewhere!!!
 Daddy and his girl!!!!
My parents watched Macey for us last night for about 2 hours, so we could get out for a little bit with friends. I missed her like crazy and watched the clock the whole time, I was so ready to get home to her. I only called twice to check on her. I was proud of myself.
We bought this hat for her last week because it has been so cold here this weekend and I just love it on her. She is just a doll!!!
I hope you all had a great weekend!!!


Lauren said...

Such SWEET pictures!!!!!!! :) She's a beauty!

Christa said...

What a cutie!