Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Home Alone

Christian went back to work yesterday and it was my first day alone with Macey. I was a little worried about how things would go, since I still need help doing things b/c of my c-section.
 Well Macey was wonderful and easy, but I still had to call poor Christian home from work b/c of my darn incision. It was leaking yesterday and the doctor wanted to check it out. That doctor said I have wound seroma, which is where fluid builts up around my incision and it has to drain. She told me to take warm showers and hold a heating pad on it and I think it is helping b/c it has drained a lot. Kind of gross I know and I'm sorry it is TMI. It doesn't hurt, just gross and annoying. I'm praying that it heals soon and I don't have any other issues with it.
Today Macey and I have been hanging out around the house on the couch. It is kind of cool out and I'm exhausted. She didn't want to sleep that well last night and she has been fussy today.

No matter how tired I am or how much I have to go through this sweet little baby girl is 100% worth it and I wouldn't trade it for the world. My life is so complete with her here!!!
Also, on another note....we haven't forgotten about our 1st baby. Buddy spent a few days at my parents at first, but I think he is glad to be home. He is adjusting well to his little sister, but I feel bad I can't give him as much attention that I use to. I know in time and when I heal completely things will get better.
Life Is Good!!!!


Jenna said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your incision - that does not sound like fun! Macey is just adorable!

Abby said...

Precious pictures:) AWWW! I'm impressed that you're doing it alone already! Good for you! I hope you're able to get a little rest. And I hope your incision starts to heal!!