Thursday, March 24, 2011

Train Station

This past Saturday Christian' mom came in town from Florida by train, so we had to go to the train station to pick her up. While waiting on the train to arrive we took full advantage of getting some precious pictures of our girl!
She is starting to get such a little personality and I love it!
This picture here is one of my favorites! I love her sweet smile!
She is such a happy baby and I love my girl to pieces!
Here is the train arriving!
I've never been on a train, but this made me want to plan a trip.
We are going to DC in October and I'm trying to convince Christian to let us go by train!
Just for my record Macey rolled over last night from her back to her belly (03/23/2011)! I placed her on her playmat for a few minutes while I ran into the other room and when I came back she was on her belly!


Lauren said...

How precious! I’ve never traveled by train either, and think that would be really fun!!!!

Anonymous said...

she looks so much like you as a baby its like looking all them years ago.
Aunt Sissy

Abby said...

Cute pictures! Adalyn has that same skirt. Did you notice that it runs big? Every time I have put it on her it falls right off! Soon we will wear it:) Seriously. Macey and Adalyn would be BFFs! They have the same style:). I've never been on a train. Looks like so much fun! Big girl rolling over:) These milestones are so much fun!