Tuesday, June 21, 2011

8 months!!!

My sweet baby girl is 8 months today!!!
I am having such a hard time getting over the fact that she is growing so fast.
 I have asked Christian so many times lately where did our little newborn go that we just had?
She is getting so fun and has such a little personality these days!!! 
Her and Buddy are starting to be friends. She will chase him around the living room and take his toys from him. We are constantly having to tell her "No ma'am, we do not chew on dog toys"...lol.
I usually do not do a monthly recap but I thought I would today.
-You are in a size 2 diaper
-You are wearing 6-9 months
-You say Mama when you are upset
-I think I have heard Dada once or twice
-You are crawling everywhere
-You pull yourself up on everything
-You are getting brave and learning you can move from the couch to the coffee table
-You have decided this month that you do not like to sleep anymore
-You went on your first airplane ride
-Still no teeth
-You love the pool
-You love to eat

You are getting so big sweet girl!!!
Momma and Daddy love you!


Lori said...

Yay for 8 months!! She is such a doll!! I love reading your updates on her! My little girl just turned 4 months, and I know she will be 8 months before we know it!!

Abby said...

Happy 8 month birthday Macey! Love, your blogbff Adalyn:)

Melissa said...

Her bow is so cute! She always looks like a little doll!