Thursday, June 30, 2011

One Tree Hill

This past weekend while were in Wilmington, I begged Christian to drive around and find a few of the One Tree Hill filming spots on our way out of town.
Here is Lucas' house! I was so excited. 
Here is the side of the house and the door to Lucas' room! 
Of course I had to get my picture made in front of it! 
And another! Notice the swing that is on some of the episodes. 
We also found club Tric that used to be on the show! 
It looked just like the show and even had stained glass upstairs like in the show! 
And here is the famous River Court, but the didn't have the hopes up.
Next time I'm there I have plans to go find some of the current spots!!!
I'm sure I'm the only loser that was excited to do this, but it was fun!

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Lauren said...

How fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)