Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Weekend in Wilmington!!!

We went to Wilmington this weekend to visit one of my best friends Amanda and her family!!!!
They just recently welcomed a sweet baby girl into their family and I was dying to get my hands on her. But I'm such a bad friend and didn't even take one picture of sweet Emma!
Saturday we spent the day at the beach and this was Macey's first time on the actual beach!!! 
She seemed to enjoy it and had fun trying to eat the sand!  
Saturday evening we went to dinner in downtown on the river.
I love downtown Wilmington, I think it is so cute! 
Here is Amanda and her husband Adam with their son Walker.
Emma was sleeping so she didn't make the family picture! 
Once again Emma or Macey didn't make the picture because they were nappin!
We don't wake a sleeping baby :) 
Here is my sweet little family of 3!
We were all looking a little rough because it was hot! 
My sweet girl! 
Macey and her boyfriend Walker! I love how he is looking at her.
Amanda and I have an arranged marriage planned for these two! 
We called ourselves the stroller club! Oh how times of changed when we go down town. 
Macey on our way home! 
Here is her new face she makes all the time.
I just LOVE it!

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Our Family of Four said...

Looks like a great trip. Your little girl is growing! Super cute!