Sunday, July 31, 2011

Country Baby

WARNING: Picture Overload
I have always loved babies in bib overalls without a shirt on, so I decided to take a few pictures of Macey.
My sister gave me my nephews overalls while was pregnant that he had when he was a baby.
My babies!!! 
I love these sweet little feet!!! 
She was fascinated with something!! 
My big girl!!! 
She loves to play with this little tricycle at my parents house! 
Love this sweet baby girl to pieces!!! 
Sweet cheeks!!! 
Buddy and Macey are really starting to like one another.
 Well she has always liked him, but he is still working on getting use to her being around.
Poor guy has had a rough time adjusting to being a big brother!!!

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Feel What's Real said...

such a sweet post!!! I am happy to see people being satisfied with their life, because I can't stand those who are always disappointed with what they have!! :D