Tuesday, August 9, 2011

9 Month Photo Shoot

A girl I work with is into photography and asked if she could come practice and take some pictures of Macey! So of course I said yes! Just like any Mom, I want as many pictures I can get of my baby!
These were take close to her 9 month birthday!
She was NOT in the mood to smile this day. 
I think this is one out of over 800 pictures of her smiling...no joke! 
Pretty blues eyes and half smile! 
This pictures cracks me up!!! I was in the middle of changing her and Catey snapped a quick pic! 
She is smiling in this picture only because I put Chuggington on the TV!
I can't believe the next photo shoot we have will be for her 12 month birthday...


Kelly said...

All of the pictures are precious. I love the overalls!

Kelly said...

She has the prettiest blue eyes! and of course, love the bow :)