Wednesday, October 19, 2011

We're Alive!!!

We are still alive!!!
I have been busy these days and can't find the time to blog.
Since the last time I blogged I helped with a Bridal Shower, went to Vegas, planning Macey's 1st Birthday Party (this Saturday), and still trying to find time to enjoy Fall!!! is a picture of my almost 1 year old at Party City helping me pick stuff out for her 1st Birthday party!!! I promise will try really hard not to wait a month to blog with pictures from her party!!! Those of you that are friends with me on Facebook will find I update on there more often. 
We have so many Halloween shirts that I feel like I have dressed my baby in nothing but Halloween clothes this whole month!!! Good thing she looks pretty in orange!! I still can't believe she is almost one...sniff, sniff. 
Macey spent the Monday afternoon with me at my office! She was a good girl and took a nap for me! She is so attached to this bear and basketball, so they both usually leave the house with us!!! I love she is attached to her stuff, but I wish it was something more girly than a basketball :) She has started giving all her stuffed animals love lately...might be the cutest thing ever!!! 
Here she is having a graham cracker for a snack in my desk chair! She loves graham crackers these days, so that is what we take for a snack in the diaper bag!

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