Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!!!

We had such a fun Easter and I was sad to see the day end!
Here is Macey right before we left for church. We attented the early service, so we were back home by 9:45 and had the whole day to celebrate!
Here is Macey's Easter basket.
We waited to do the basket after church, so Macey could enjoy her new stuff.
Momma and Macey!
(side note - Macey has started calling me Momma this past week and calling for me when I leave the room or she will point to me and say "Momma" I LOVE IT)
Macey and Daddy!
Once we got home she dug right into her basket!!!
She loved everything and was "OOHH-ing and AHH-ing" the whole time!
We did a lot of Dora stuff because that is her favorite lately!
I have decided if I'm going to do the whole Easter bunny thing or just tell her that Mommy and Daddy does the Easter basket.
We did a small Easter egg hunt for her and my nephews at my parents.
She has loved hunting the eggs this past week!
I love this picture of her with hands like this, it looks like she is saying "I didn't do it".
Her new golf set from her cousins!!!

I hope you all had a Happy Easter!!!


Abby said...

Sweet girl:)

Jennifer said...

She looked to cute in her dress! And I love her Easter basket!!

Ang~ said...

Love it! You are awesome at blogging!