Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Our Weekend!

 We had a pretty relaxing weekend and didn't do too much!
Friday, I wanted to do something fun with Macey. I feel like we have been busy lately running around and I wanted to make it all about her! I painted her toenails, which she loves! She knows where I keep the nail polish and she often gets the polish out bringing to me to paint her toes! It is so cute because for the rest of the day she walks around looking at her toes saying "pretty, pretty!?!" I also took Macey to a little bakery in the town I work in called, Cakes and All Things Yummy! It was such a fun little bakery and decorated so cute! 
Here is Macey out front and I can't tell how many pictures I took trying to get her to look at the camera and they were all a fail! The traffic and people walking by were way more entertaining to look at for a toddler than boring Mom! I'm sure the people inside the bakery thought I was crazy jumping all around trying to get her attention, especially since she was too short and they couldn't see her through the class, so I'm it pretty looked like I was talking to the door!
The yummy cupcake!
Later that day I ended up having to take Macey to the doctor. She had been running a fever during the night and during that day she looked like she didn't feel good. Well she woke up from nap time running 103.7 fever, so off to the doctor we went. She had/has a virus called Herpengina, basically where you run a high fever and have blisters in your throat and on your tonsils. The Dr. said there was nothing we could give her except Tylenol and wait it out. It usually last 5-7 days, so hopefully we are nearing the end!
We did go out for Mexican that night and she thought she was such a big girl because we let her sit in a booster seat! 
Saturday we woke up and it was kind of overcast, so we spent most of the morning being lazy. Later that morning we went to UNCG (University of NC at Greensboro) where I went to college to walk around and I wanted to get a new shirt. I kept telling Macey this is where she would be going to school one day! Her Daddy seems to feel different because he went to another college around here!
 I didn't want to take her to the nursery at church and spread the germs on Sunday, so we stayed in our PJ's most of the day and played at home!
Hope you all had a fun weekend!

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