Friday, October 12, 2012

First Day of Preschool!

Macey started school back in September and I wanted to document it for my memory!
She only goes one day a week on Mondays, 9-1.
So far she seems to love it!
This was her first day before we left!
She wasn't so sure why we were up and dressed so early!
We are not morning people in our house. 
We make a big deal about going to school, so every Monday she gets excited!
We let her stay for lunch and she loves to carry her lunch box! 
I'm still in shock that she old enough to go to "school".
She is always excited so go to school, but she gets really excited when I pick her up. She runs down the hallway to me and hugs me. I love it, it makes this Mommy so happy. We are only 10 minutes from the church and most days we can't even make it home before she falls asleep.

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