Sunday, October 14, 2012

Las Vegas!!!

WARNING: Picture Overload in a BIG Way

Last month we went to Vegas with my family! It was was my parents, sister and brother in law, aunt and uncle, and of course Christian and I....and Macey. Yes, we took our kid to Vegas. Since all my family that lives near us was going with us, we didn't really have a babysitter for 5 days. I did not want to and was not going to ask any friends to watch her that long. With that being said, we had a great time. We tried to make it has family oriented as we could with Macey and made the best of it! We did a lot of sight seeing, shopping, pool time, eating, and just having fun. Enjoy all the pictures! I was going to break this up in to different posts, but I'm so behind on blogging that I just decided to one big post!

This was Macey and I in the airport  waiting to leave!
 She was so excited!
 We were worried about how she would do on a 5 hour flight, but she did GREAT! We could not have ask for her to do any better going and coming.
This was her fourth time flying! 
 She went and visited with the rest of the family during the flight!
Her and Papa!
Our room...we stayed at the Mirage!
Enjoy the rest of the pictures!

 This is the group that went...the last night we got a limo and it was so fun1

Does she not look like such a big girl here and a little frequent flyer!?! 
This should get be kind of/ sort of caught up on blogging :)


Our Family of Four said...

So fun.. I am dying to go back to Vegas, we had a blast!

Aishlea and Brandon said...

Love your pics! She is so, so SO adorable!