Monday, October 29, 2012


We took Macey to a little Trunk-or-Treat at a church near my parents! It is actually the church that I grew up going to youth group every Sunday. It was fun to see the little festival because in High School I use to help with it every year!
Our little piggy!!! I LOVE her costume this year!
She was going to be a ladybug but she was terrified of it and would scream every time I got it out, so I have to return it. I'm so glad I did and found this! I told Christian I love this costume so much that if our next child is a boy he is still wearing it...Ha! 
Daddy with is little pig! 
Momma and her girl still refusing to smile for the camera!!
She is so shy these days pretty much does this when anyone talks to her. 
Yep, sorry Mom still not smiling for you! Maybe I'll get on of her smiling on Wednesday! 
At the trunk-or-treat! We weren't sure how she would do, but she had fun and got the hang of it pretty quick and kept holding her bag out saying "more" when we would walk away from a! 
We took her in the fellowship hall to let her play a couple of games! 
This was mostly for the older kids, but she still had fun! 


Abby said...

So cute! The shy thing and smile thing must be the age...either that or our children are kindred spirits:)

Aishlea and Brandon said...

How cute!!!