Thursday, December 6, 2012

Visiting Santa!

We decided to take Macey to see Santa tonight because the lines are so ridiculously long on the weekend! We figured she wasn't going to like him because the child is so shy and scared of most men.
 I promise she really is a happy baby even though she will not smile for pictures that often!!
She is smiling here because I was tickling her while we waited in line! 
She started screaming the second we started walking up to him. She was covering her face saying no and was shaking. Poor kid was terrified and I'm pretty sure the whole mall could hear her screaming! 
But I had to get at least one picture of her on Santa's lap. The second I picked up and told her to say bye she was fine! She even managed to tell him from my arms that she wanted a barbie, barbie car, and a baby :) I might try to take her back with my nephews to see how she will do with them with her. 
We took her to ride the carousel afterwards and all was well!

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Aishlea and Brandon said...

Oh no! How precious! I am afraid Cohen will be scared too...