Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Weekly TV Schedule for Me

This being my first year out of school...I'm really enjoying my nights free of studying, writing papers, reading, and so on. I've taken advantage to all the great shows on TV. I've always watched them in the past, but could never completely focus on them b/c I was always doing school work during them. I love Jon & Kate Plus 8 on Mondays nights but I've been DVR'ing it to watch The Bachelor. I'm not sure who I want him to pick yet, although I do like Melissa and Stephanie. I'm super excited last night about the girls he let go. I didn't really care for any of them. On Tuesday nights it is 90210...I am obsessed with the original 90210 and I'm only watching the new one b/c Jennie Garth (Kelly Taylor) is on it. Of course I watch American Idol as well, on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. There hasn't really been one person this season that I'm crazy about. Thursdays are usually my "catch up" day where I watch what I DVR'd, unless I was too excited and couldn't wait.

Today has been a very long cold and rainy day. I haven't really done very much this week, except go to work, come home, and be lazy.

We had a good weekend. The Rascal Flatts/ Jessica Simpson concert was awesome! We had such a good time and the best seats ever! We were so close! Saturday during the day I cleaned up around the house and my mom and sister came to visit. That evening we all went to a Japanese Steakhouse to celebrate my Dad's birthday. Which was followed by cake and ice cream at our house! Sunday was my rest day!

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