Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Bunch of Randomness

We had a nice weekend! Saturday we spent the day together and Sunday we stayed around the house and got some things done! Christian has finally finished his salt water aquarium. He bought the tank by itself and built the stand and canopy. Sunday we ran to the fish store and got a few things for the tank.
Here is a picture of the aquarium finished! He did such a good job on the stand. He still has a lot more to buy for inside the aquarium but it takes time. I'm very proud of him since this was his first big thing he built. I'm so proud of him, he is going to build me a cabinet for the living room for our DVD's. I'm trying to figure out how to decorate around the tank. It looks kinda lonely on that wall by itself. Do you have any ideas?
Sunday evening while I made dinner Christian put up my new curtains and rod! I think they look so good and I love them! It is exactly what those windows needed. It makes the whole wall look completely different!

On to the Bachelor...I am so addicted and hate I have to wait 2 weeks to see his final decision. I was kind of shocked that he sent home Jillian but I'm okay with that b/c I want him to pick Melissa! I love her and she definitely has my vote. I'm looking forward to American Idol tonight! I'm interested to see how everyone does.
I have to go out of town on Thursday to Chattanooga for work. I'm a little nervous about getting on a plane, since there has been two plane crashes in the past month. But I could get into a car just easily on my way to work soooo....
Christian has been working 2nd shift for the past three years as a shift supervisor but starting on Monday he goes on first. His company is cutting 2nd shift, because of the economy right now. I feel bad for the employees that are losing their jobs, but I can't help but to be a little excited about having Christian home at night with me! I pray that all the unfortunate ones losing their jobs right now that they are able to find new ones. Christian and I are very thankful for our jobs right now!
One more piece of exciting news! I'm put in for my vacation this summer and I can't wait to start planning our vacations for this year. We are going to Orlando in May for our friends wedding! We are taking a long weekend! My family is planning on going on a vacation the first week of August but we are having a hard time trying to decide where. Christian and I have voted for a cruise! I think we are planning on a cruise regardless!

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