Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Just a normal Tuesday

Okay so I might be the only that watches the new 90210, but I do. I really watch it b/c I love the original 90210. I just got finished watching it and is Ethan getting on anyone elses nerves? I don't understand what he is thinking pushing Annie away and Silver she cracks me up. I like the show, but the original is much better I think! I DVR'd American Idol, I am about to watch that now!
Nothing exciting has happened this week. It has just been a normal week, but I'm happy tomorrow is already Wednesday! I am looking forward to Saturday b/c it is Valentine's Day and we have reservations at Bonefish! I've never been there so I'm really excited about trying it! We usually don't do much for Valentine's Day maybe dinner and a card. Although, I want to get Christian something this year....I'm just not sure what. Any suggestions?

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