Thursday, July 16, 2009

Breaking the Rules!

So we got a boat back in May and we knew at the time that it would not be allowed to park the boat at the house. Although figured we would leave it there for the first week or so and just see if anyone said anything. Sure enough one evening when I got home from work we had a notice from our association but that is ok b/c we knew we were not allow to leave it there. We now store it at my parents house for the summer and we will get a storage unit or something during the winter. We usually pick it up on Friday nights and park it over night at our house for the weekend and return it back to my parents on Sunday. We didn't think this would be a big deal since it wasn't parked there for long periods of time. Well......tonight we got another notice in the mail this time stating if it is back on property, we will be charged $100 per day. UUUGGGHHH.....Associations. I really do not see a big deal with it. Christian is kind of aggravated with the situation too. So does this mean we can't bring it to the house to load it up or wash it or anything?
On a better note...we ordered our invitations tonight and napkins for the wedding! Very exciting I plan on sharing pictures when they arrive! I am looking forward to participating in Kelly's Korner Friday wedding stuff! I am so happy tomorrow is Friday! I am going to bed now so it can hurry up and get here!

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South Family said...

I don't see the big deal either! That is crazy!! Yay for the invitations and napkins!!