Friday, July 17, 2009

Birthday Party Ideas!

Well I don't have any kids yet to throw birthday parties for but I thought I would still participate in Kelly's Children's Parties. I actually have a birthday party every year for my dog. I know it is sad but I make dinner and cake and I have my family over to eat. Just because he is a dog doesn't mean we can't celebrate is birthday...right? I think this tea part birthday party is just too cute! I tink this would be so much fun for a little girl!
This is my favorite the carnival theme! I think this is such a good idea for a boy or girl! I will keep this in mind when I have kids one day. I think gold fish as favors is so cute and a good idea. What little kid wouldn't like to take home a gold fish. If they are anything like me the fish wouldn't live any longer than a couple of days.

I love all the bright colors for the carnival theme! I think this would be a party that people wouldn't forget! So there you have it a couple of party ideas that I found and like!

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