Saturday, July 25, 2009

My Saturday

I just love weekends! I especially love Saturdays because I know I don't have to go to work the next day like on Sundays. This morning Christian and I went to the visit my best friends Dad who is a jeweler and he is doing our wedding bands. He had ordered a couple for us to come look at. I found my band to go with me ring! It is a white gold band with princess cut diamonds in it, it looks so pretty with me ring. Christian is waiting on one more band to come in before he makes his decision. We arrived a little early before he was open so we went to a little store in town called River Twist It is such a cute little store. Here is a just a little glimpse of it. It was hard to get the pictures not to turn out too dark. The store has just many cute little gifts and stuff there. The picture is outside in the back where you can sit outside at the little tables. Christian and I both enjoyed visiting that store.
I also got my hair done today! I really want to cut it short but I'm afraid to because of the wedding in October. I love getting my hair done, it is so relaxing! I got it cut right above my shoulders. My hair is so think and wavy it takes forever to dry it and then I have to straighten it. It also gets so knotty. So I'm hoping this length will be a little easy to deal with. I'm sure after the wedding I will cut it!

Last night Christian and I had date night! We went to see the new move The Ugly Truth and it is a you must go see movie! It was so cute and funny! I loved it! We had such a fun time last night! I love date nights with him and so excited I am marrying so I can have many more!

Now is this not the cutest little boy or what? This was last Saturday at my parents house. Buddy and I were being lazy while Christian was outside with my Dad working on the deck.

Here is a picture that I took of Buddy this week in the front yard and I thought I would share it! I just love him!
Hope you all had a wonderful Saturday!

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