Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend Recap

I hope you all had a nice weekend! We had a good one...kinda of! I must admit it didn't start off on the best foot but it worked itself out. Friday night after work I was planning on having a date with my couch and TV, while Christian and I few friends went to a near by lake with the boat. Well around 6 I got a phone call from Christian saying that the bearing had came off or messed up on the trailer and he was on the side of the road. I went to meet him and called AAA. Well apparently AAA can't help us if it doesn't involve our actual vehicle. So Christian called all around for a towing company that has a roll back (sp?) truck to pull the boat and trailer and we couldn't find anyone. So Christian ran to the store to get a bearing kit to fix it on the side of the road. I waited till he got back and then I came home. No I didn't leave him alone, he had a friend there with him too, who also sat with me while Christian was gone. So that pretty much sums up our Friday night since he didn't get home till 10 or after. Saturday we got up and went to my parents so Christian could finish fixing the trailer and help my dad work on the deck. We are getting married at my parents house, so my dad is trying to get the house all done up and Christian helped out. My mom and I went shopping for shoes to go with my wedding dress but I couldn't find any :( Yesterday was a really long day too, once again we didn't get home until 10. Today we went on the boat for a few hours and afterwards Christian and I ran a few errands. We had my parents over for dinner tonight and it was yummy! We had grilled chicken skewers with zucchini, squash, and peppers, grilled corn on the cob, and potatoes! It has been a pretty busy weekend and I'm exhausted! I didn't take one picture this weekend. I was planning on it but I forgot :(

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