Monday, July 13, 2009

Where does the time go?

I feel like I have no time at all anymore. I work Monday - Friday, 8-5 and there just is not enough time at night when I get home to get things done. Which is the reason I haven't posted in awhile. Working, planning a wedding, and enjoying the summer is stressful and busy. Christian and I have been trying to get busy with all the wedding plans, since it is less than 3 months away (Oct. 10). We try to do stuff during the evenings after work and then on the weekends we have been going to the lake. We went tonight and picked out the tuxes for the wedding! I love them and I think they will look so good. We picked burnt orange vest and ties and my girls are wearing black! We are going for a fall type of wedding and trying to use all the golden colors as accents! I can't wait! We've also been getting excited about our vacation coming up. We leave July 31 and we don't check out until August 9, it will be a much need vacation. This will be mine and Christian's first real vacation. We've always taken long weekends but never a whole week together. We are very excited and can't wait to relax. Here is a picture of Christian and I waiting to sit down at the Olive Garden last week. Not the best picture of me, but I still like it. I was excited in this picture because we had just came from registering!
I love this picture of us. This was taken this past weekend while we were at dinner with some friends. I love how we are both cheesing so big! I hope you all have had a great Monday!

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