Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Busy Times

Man life is busy these days! Our wedding is 1 week from Saturday and I'm starting to stress about getting everything done. Everyone is asking me if I'm getting nervous. I keep saying I'm not nervous about getting married, but nervous about the wedding itself and everything being ready. My Dad and Christian have been working their bottom's off trying to get everything finished at the house. Hopefully by this weekend it will all be together. I have a bunch of little things to do, but I plan on getting it finished this weekend. Right now I am out of town for work about 3 hours away, so I can't anything done this week. I'm here until Friday. I tried getting out of it but couldn't. I didn't realize when I said yes to go on this trip that I would still have so much to do. I should have known better. I also just hate being away alone. I know it is sad, but I always miss Christian, Buddy, and home so bad when I'm gone, even if it is for just a night or two. I also hate it when Christian is gone for work and I'm at home. I get lonely and sad. Luckily neither one of us has to travel too much for work. Other than planning the wedding life is good!!! Only 10 more days and I'll be Mrs. Adams!!!

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Holly said...

Good luck with all the rest of your wedding planning! :)