Thursday, September 24, 2009

Closet Cleanout

So tonight I decided to tackle my guest room closets. One of the closets was so bad when you opened the door you wanted to run to keep from anything falling on! I feel like I got a lot accomplished and got rid of a lot of stuff! Two boxes of junk, one bag of junk, and one pile on the floor! It's nice to see the floor and walls again of the closet. The other closet I took all of my dress clothes and them in there. I'm still working on that one. I totally meant to take before and after pictures but I forgot...oops! Tonight was going well...I was happy I was cleaning out my closets, tomorrow is Friday, Christian's homecoming for his college is this weekend and a friend of mine is getting married....and then I get a phone call to hear that my Grandfather who has had lung cancer and who had surgery last week may not make it through the night. It put a real damper on the night. He has been doing really well and they even moved him into a normal room yesterday and then today they said he had Phenumoia and had to move him back to ICU. Last I heard they were putting him on a ventilator and chances are he won't make it through the night. I hate it so bad and just want the best for him. We are in NC and he is Indiana, so it makes it tough to figure out what to do. Stay or Go or Just Wait?? In the meantime I'm just going to pray and let God handle it!

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