Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Day To Me!!!

Today was my 25th birthday! I've had a good day and have enjoyed my birthday very much! My mom and I went to my youngest nephew's first football game and it was cute to watch all the little boys play. After the game was over my mom, sister, and me went to eat lunch at Pita Delites with is a little Greek restaurant. After lunch we walked around a few stores at the shopping center we were at. Here is a picture of my yummy red velvet birthday cake that a co-worker brought me yesterday. I love red velvet so I was extremely excited about this!
Christian and I met the rest of my family tonight at Bravo for my birthday dinner. I'm not sure if everyone has a Bravo, but is so good and way better than the Olive Garden.
My youngest nephew Jacob and myself waiting to sit down.

Here is Christian and I. This a horrible picture of me and my hair looks awful, but it is the only one I got of us.
My oldest nephew Kenneth making his pizza. It was so cool they had a brick of over and pizza bar where the kids can come and make their own pizza!
My parents with Jacob! If you are wondering what the mark is Jacob's forehead, it is a carpet burn.
Kenneth and I after dinner! I can't believe he is almost as tall as I am now. My sister and I are 10 1/2 years apart, so I was only 12 when she had Kenneth. And yes my sister and I are full blooded sisters by the same parents. So many people think we are half sisters or something b/c of the age difference.
One last picture of me with Kenneth and Jacob!
I love birthdays! I love the day being all about me...HA.

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