Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rainy Days

This week has not been very pretty, it has rained the last 3 days! I'm grateful for the rain, but can we please have a pretty day soon? We haven't been up to much this week. We had chicken alfredo for dinner tonight at home and then we went to Petsmart.  I wanted to find Buddy a jacket and hat for when we go to Indianapolis b/c he is going to stay in the garage during the day and he isn't use to outside and cold since he is a inside dog.  He does get to come in at night to sleep but during the day there are going to be too many people.  We are staying at my uncles house and so looking forward to being able to take Buddy with us.  I always miss him so much and can't wait to get home.


My new favorite snack! I think I have had popcorn everyday this week and I wonder why I can't loose weight! I've been taking it to work and eating as a snack, I am actually eating some right now!

The other day I received this email from a co-worker and I thought t was cute and wanted to share it! I think I really like the little saying b/c I am so against people driving and texting. It is so unsafe!

Anyways I hope you all have a had a good day and have a happy FRIDAY!!!!!!!

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