Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Holidays

I  can't believe that Christmas is over, it seems like it came and went so fast this year. I'm looking forward to New Years and another four day week. I am so not ready to go back to work tomorrow, I have  had a nice four days off!

I hope you all had very Merry Christmas! Christian and I had a wonderful time with our family. Christmas Day we went to my parents. Christians Dad and future Stepmom and kids came in from Floriday Christmas night. We have had a nice weekend together. Today went went to Pilot Mountain which is about 30 - 45 minutes from our house, so the kids could see snow. Living in Fl. you don't get to see snow.

Here we all are including Buddy. We went on a hike and oh my goodness I am so out of shape but the kids and Buddy loved it!

My little family! Buddy was so good today and loved the whole mountain hiking thing, so I'm thinking we might go back in the spring. We only live about an hour from the mountains!

Here we are in this big cave, rock looking thing that was along the trail! Yes and I am probably the only one the goes hiking in a Kenneth Cole Peacoat, HA!!! I didn't know we were hiking I thought we were just driving up and looking at the scenic overlook.

I wish Buddy was looking at the camera in this picture. It would be really cute if I cropped it. Oh well! I must say it was very interesting walking the trail with two kids and a huge dog on ice! One side of the mountain was nice and sunny with no snow or ice and the other side was nice and shady with ice and snow!
After we got through with that we had lunh at Chipolte and it was heaven! After lunch us girls went shopping and the guys went to do guy stuff!

Here am I with Christians future step sister with some crazy sunglasses we found! I love going shopping after Christmas and getting all the deals!
FYI: the reason I keep saying Christian's future stepmom and stuff is b/c his Dad his marrying her this spring!

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Christa said...

It did go by fast!! Glad you had such a great Christmas!