Friday, December 18, 2009

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

For once our weatherman was right! It started snowing this afternoon around 12 and hasn't stopped. My office closed early today before it got to snowing hard.  When I got home I let Buddy out to go potty and we came back inside. He kept going to the door whining, so I figured he had to go potty again. Nope he wanted to play. This dog loves the snow. He runs in it and digs his nose in it. Here is a video I took this afternoon. Please ignore my annoying voice in this video. I figured I would share this video, since I do not have any kids to video in the snow.

There wasn't really much on the ground when we took this but you can't even see the ground or anything now. It is suppose to snow up through tomorrow around noon and the start back up that evening. I love the snow an all, but I really have Christmas shopping to finish!!!! Christian and I have done absolutely nothing tonight. We have been on the couches playing with our computer's and watching TV! I love snow days but I really hope I'm not trapped in the house all weekend. I will have more pictures to share tomorrow, but  it has taken me forever tonight to figure out how  to get videos on my computer from our video camera and then I had sound issues. We got our camera for a wedding present and tonight was the first time we messed with uploading videos. Hopefully it will get easier and not so time consuming. Also, it took forever to upload to You you guys have any tips? Please help!?!?!?

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Christa said...

What a cute video! Glad you got some snow!