Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Long Day

Today has been a long day..First I was late for work, I didn't get in the shower until 7:40 and I have to be at work at 8:00, so needless to say I was late. Christian and I were suppose to meet his dad and everyone for lunch at 12:00 but when I called his dad around 11:30 he said he was sick. Well the next thing I knew they were headed to the emergency room with him. Christian and I both left work and met them at the hospital. Christian stayed at the hospital with Paige (his dad's fiance) and I took the kids out to lunch and back to my office with me to grab my computer and to finish a couple of things I was working on. It turns out his dad might have food poisoning or some sort of stomach virus. The reason they took him to the ER was because he was having chest pains but all the test results came back good. So this evening we have all been hanging out at the house while his dad has been resting. Paige and I ran to get us some dinner at Firehouse Subs and it was so good. I always forget how much I like that place until I eat it.

We have had these guys running around the house all week! A 108 lb Lab, Jack Russell, and Grey Hound. Buddy loves the little JR but doesn't pay any attention to the GH. It is so funny because he will not let them play with any of his toys. If he hears them playing with his toys he will go stare at them and then take the toy. I guess my dog doesn't know how to share..we will have to work on that! I took like 100 pictures trying to get all three dogs to look at the camera and all in the picture but it wasn't happening. They were all begging Christian for a treat in this picture! I'm exhausted and getting ready to go pass out! The house is nice and peaceful right now everyone is in bed sleeping!

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