Wednesday, December 2, 2009

So Behind...and Happy Anniversary

I feel so behind this year with Christmas.  I am usually decorated before Thanksgiving for Christmas, but I still have my fall decorations out.  I was planning on putting the outside decor up tonight but it is pouring down rain.  I was also planning on getting everything out of the attic and decorate the inside tomorrow night...and I didn't get any of that done.  I will probably wait until the weekend now.  We will more than likely get our tree this weekend and decorate all at once. Speaking of being behind...I usually have some of my Christmas shopping done too,  but I have not bought one gift.  Christian and I decided we were only going to stockings this year for each other, so that makes life easier.  All the girls switch ornaments with each other in my family.  My sister and I are going in together and getting my parents their gift.  I also buy for my nephews and other than that we don't really do gifts with other family members. I plan on getting it all knocked out within the next week or so and then enjoy the season.  Tonight we go to Target to get Christmas gifts for the three kids we are buying for from church.  I enjoyed it and it was a lot of picking gifts out for the kids. It makes me feel so good to know we are helping kids have a good Christmas!

Today is my parents 37th Wedding Anniversary! I hope I have a wonderful marriage like they have.  They are so loving and are wonderful parents! It is unheard of these days to hear of marriages lasting, so I am so proud to say my parents are still married!

Here they are this summer when we went to Florida!

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