Thursday, January 28, 2010

I won, I won, I won!!!!

I've won my first blog giveaway and I am just so excited!!! Abby at Sugar and Spice did a cute ring giveaway and I was the lucky winner! I just love ready her blog and you should so check out her blog!
Thanks Abby for doing such a cute giveaway!!! I love the big cocktail rings, I can't wait to wear it!
Thank Goodness Tomorrow Is Friday!!!!
This has been a long and busy week I at work and I'm ready for some relaxation! They are calling for snow tomorrow night and Saturday and if we get what they are for I will probably be spending the weekend at home!
I received my jewelry today from the jewelry party that I hosted a couple of weeks ago and I must say it is all too cute! I will take pictures this weekend and do a post with them.
Have a great Friday!


Christa said...

Love your ring you won!!! I'm so into cocktail rings too!!

Abby said...

Thanks for your kind words:) I appreciate you reading my blog!

I hope you like the ring! It's one of my favorites! :)