Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snowed In

We got so much snow here for NC!!! We ended up getting probably around 7 inches and that is a lot for us. We have not had this much snow in a while!!! I love the snow but not when I've been stuck in the house all day by myself. Since Christian has a huge project going on at work, he had to go in today...ugh! So I spent the day doing absolutely nothing. Once Christian left for work around 9, I ate a bowl of cereal and took a nap until 1. I had every intention of cleaning the house today but I ended up watching TV.  Once Christian got home from work he had tickets to go the motorcross at the coliseum and it wasn't cancelled, so I am by myself! Here are a few pictures I took this morning when we first went outside!
Here is right outside our front door!
Look how deep it was when Christian stepped in it!
This is our street but you can't really tell where it is!
Here is my sweet Buddy watching us from the front porch! He usually loves the snow but not today! I guess it is too deep this time and he doesn't like it on his belly!
Looks like we'll have another snow day tomorrow too!!!

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