Sunday, January 3, 2010

A New Year's Day Wedding & Our Sunday

On Friday we attended one of my co-workers wedding! They have been engaged for over a year and finally tied the knot on New Year's Day! They had such a beautiful evening wedding and we had good time with my co-workers at the wedding!

Here is Christian and I at the reception waiting for the Bride and Groom to arrive!

Here is me with my boss Doyle and Cindy another lady in the office!

Here we are with Patrick one of our salesmen. First I got married and then Kenny, so now we pick on Patrick telling him he is the last one that is single and to get married!

Here are Cindy and I with Phil the Vice President of the company! I feel so lucky to have such a good group of people to work with. We all get along and have a good time together!

This is the only picture I got of the Bride and Groom and it isn't really that good. I didn't want to take any durring the ceremony and then during the reception I was too busy talking, eating, and dancing!

Today we have done a bunch of nothing! We slept in this morning and skipped church, I know thats bad. Today is my aunts birthday so we all went out to lunch.

I think we both look tired in this picture! And don't you just love my bright pink Happy New Year shirt!?!? I meant to get a picture with my aunt but there were so many people there I didn't get a chance. Now I've been laying on the couch watching TV and I think a nap is in the near future!

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