Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wishful Wednesday - Hair/ Hairstyle

Wishful Wednesday

I thought I would play along in Wishful Wednesday and you can join in too over at The Seattle Smith's

 'I wish' I had...Jessica Simpson Hair/ Hairstyle!
As you probably have heard me mention before I love Jessica Simpson and I also love her hair and would love to have it! I also would not mind having her body and hair stylist either!

I love her long hair!

I love her shot hair!

And I love it when she has it pulled up too!
This was hard finding pictures on the internet of her hair b/c I like all of them!


Marian said...

Oh yeah, I love Jessica's hair too. Good pick

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I would take Jessica Simpsons hair in a heartbeat, and I love that first picture of her. It reminds me when she use to be overly happy before her life slightly turned upside down with breakup, etc.

I am so thrilled you played this week! Also, thanks for visiting my blog -- now following ya :)

Christa said...

Great pick! She's beautiful!

Abby said...

She has great hair! Do you love her shoes too? All of my favorite shoes are Jessica's!!