Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Clean Saturday

It has been such a pretty day here! It is funny to me how when it is in the 50's it feels nice because it has been so cold here this winter. Christian had to work this morning, so I cleaned the house. It has turned in an all day thing and I am pooped. I've scrubbed the kitchen and bathrooms, vacuum, mopped the kitchen and bathrooms, dusted, laundry (sheets included), and I'm tired. I also took Buddy for a walk and swept the front sidewalk. Sorry I do not have any pictures to share today, you wouldn't have wanted to see me in my cleaning clothes. Speaking of clothes I need to clean out my closet big time! I did every piece of laundry we had today, except for what we are wearing and now I do not have enough hangers to hang all our clothes. We don't really have any plans tonight except for relaxing around the house! Hope you all have had a great Saturday. Tomorrow is suppose to be another pretty day and I'm excited!!!!

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